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You haven't done the homework yet, you are not in a position yet where you have a list of ten companies that you know, inside and out your very confident about. You're not there and you need to get there. And the good news is there's still time to get there. Because even if the market started crashing tomorrow, you wouldn't be a buyer for another six months or year. It's going to take for things to really work their way down to where you can buy them. But you've gotta get ready and take this time to get ready. This is now think wise buffets because he's already yeti. He knows. Trees encyclopedia. Yeah. You and I'm Dan. Yeah. I've got some. But you guys have none. And you need to get a stack of these on your wishlist, and you need to do that. Now. In fact, that's what we need to be talking about more. And Moore's stacking up the wishlist, I really think we should. And I think we should talk about some of the things that you could use for checklist for that straight idea. So we'll talk about wishlist and checklist. We've got Jake Taylor coming on in a couple of weeks. You guys get his book rebel allocators and read it before our interview because we're gonna talk about it. As though you have read the book, and we've got some other really cool interviews coming up. And. Yeah, exciting stuff on the invested podcast. I'm not going to say what they are yet until we recorded. Fair enough fair enough. But we do have we seizing couple of authors that are coming that are really really amazing that are going to help you as an investor..

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