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Order in? I ordered online and then I went and grabbed it. From the Burbank location, for whatever reason, they weren't taking pickup orders from Hollywood for whatever reason. I don't know, it's not closed, is it? I was wondering that. I used to live near there. And I wonder what the dome and everything being gone. The dolma shut down in the arc. The ArcLight is shut down, and I'm like, yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. I mean, horror Ramadan. All those business businesses right there. I'm sure in supposedly the domes coming back wags, don't miss supposedly coming back. Maybe this year, maybe this summer, that's the rumor, is that the company that owned it is going to the ArcLight cinemas is gone, but they're going to keep didn't like a Tarantino or somebody like that, buy it? No, Tarantino Tarantino bought. New Beverly and another one he bought over here. Maybe the vista? Yeah, the vista. Yep. Okay. As the fit, wait, yes. Already buy Los feliz three. No, he bought another company took over the Los feliz three two. A lot of great theaters just fucking shut down, including the UCB theater, also shut down. All right. I can't get caught. I've been looking here. I can't get Intel on whether or not the veggie grill by that cinerama dome theater by the now closed arc light is open or not. It looks like it says it's open, but it doesn't necessarily let you order pick up online. So maybe that's what's going on. Here's the thing with UCB Franklin getting shut down. I'm like, hey, I want to pick up a copy of Martin and orloff today. But where? But where? And I go over there. What did you find it? Franklin's closed. No. You want a deep baby. 24 80 P DVD. I ran into roloff. Burned through because I watched him at times hard balls, so. Wow. There was a Christmas where my mom gave me basically every DVD that they sold at the front at UCB theater. She like, and it was like such a weird thing where I was like, how did she even find out about these movies? But she gifted me one bundle of Christmas. Like it was like 5 DVDs and one present. You know what I mean? And I was like what is this? Michael, I stopped by the UCB theater for Christmas. I got you blackballed..

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