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Was a congress specialist. He was a real conga player. This guy was a fuckin- mozambique this fucking so the to really knew about the congo. He was it was a work. A lot of a lot of it wasn't like an lp was the kind of choice. When i was growing up. That was the brand. But this was like a fox. Custom-made somewhere i stole demands. Conga fucking crazy your mind so it's funny because that was who i was back and i came. I came to throw a long time. And then i couldn't take it anymore like i tried to put in a capsule for a long time. You know the summer of eighty four eighty three. I spent my whole salva shooting. That's all i did. Saturdays and sundays shooting learning how to make bombs how to make trip wires. You know this guy was training me to be fucking masochist. Training me to do some crazy things and i loved. I loved it. I i wanted to be that person you know. I don't wanna be that person to pay. But that's why i was training to beat us. Teach me out of the scope. I mean this guy was teaching me how to do some crazy fucking staff you know. Once i moved to snowmass village it was harder for me to see for it. You know i would see him. Instead of four times a month on the weekends. I would see him just like once. I started taking classes and fucking working for the contrition all thing. I wouldn't see them that much. you know. I was working satellite. So i couldn't go shoot that much. That's when my klepto ism got high. Now i wouldn't klepto from people that i knew i would just clipboard on klepto when i say klepto i mean the complete fucking package. I was just a fucking nutcase. I mean you know everything at a question. Mark the me. Like i would walk pass eyeglass place and said to myself i wonder if they got fifty thousand in the fucking safe and i would convince myself that they had fifty was like the most retarded thing i did my life. I would convince myself that there was fifty thousand dollars. Now that i would break in then that'd be falko gotz in the fucking safe and i get pissed off myself. Let me tell you some. You know a lot of us. Watch those videos and c. Aage is like fucking crooks that make mistakes. You don't need to watch those just asked me. I got plenty of those can stories especially in the fucking snow. That's what was making me. Think about all this that once the snow guide to my fucking element. It was tough being club though. 'cause you leave tracks it's tough. It's tough being a fucking though. Because they got you at the fuck and tracks had to learn how to work around that shit so i was a klepto full-time until it started snowing. Then my roommate brought up to me like bug they gotta catch you at the fucking tracks with those butch. You gotta wear boots at people that are very popular you know. Serbia had serrales. I guess they call them serrales boots. That's what they add. Try to get tyrrell's that really popular default shoplift you know but i. At that time. I watched a movie called the thief with james caan. I was doing all these. Little klepto moves and i thought it was time for me. The pull the fucking trigger. I felt it was time for me to go packing big time so between us i always told right. The classes and i took residential wiring as an elective. I took residential wiring swipe to learn how to break into a fucking house. Make sense to you now. Residential wiring. 'cause i was crazy about being a tricia. No i took residential wiring. Because it would give me an intro into wiring and then it just so happened. I got good at it and i started working.

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