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To new orders to stay away from LA county recreation areas shale drillers are seen the worst oil bust yet that's stories coming up in five minutes when Bloomberg checks or money and the number of confirmed common virus cases across the US now pushing one hundred twenty five thousand for use in the next fifteen minutes the first at six forty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives here's Tim Greenwood Rancho Cucamonga two ten east bound at Millikan Avenue two right lanes taken away a semi pulling concrete powder is off to the side maybe having some difficulties and has taken away the two right most lanes at this time also working in riverside as we mentioned the two fifteen southbound right at central has the two right lanes taken away after an earlier crash in the appropriate amount of equipment to respond to it San demus Cheney's founded the via Verde on ramp it's a car stalled and it looks like it stalled because it has a flat tire and he's taken away the right most lane that's tough you get the low profile super sporty tyres and they don't take bumps very well five freeway in Burbank keep your eyes open there's always road work there and it's a couple weeks from when they take the Burbank bridge down so they can widen the highway and then put the bridge back and four of five south bound Roscoe to Sherman way you're right lane is unavailable nextra haven't reported six fifty five I'm Tim green wood from the Toyota Glendora traffic center K. it extends seventy news radio this Sunday morning a weak storm system that will roll through southern California could bring us some spots of rain as we head into this afternoon especially for our interior communities that includes the.

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