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Which is another board. Going to the Seattle SuperSonics because it's on a basketball board and also anymore there? Now the yield cla city thunder. Yes. Have a basketball team. Damn Marxist football team. But they're not drafting in the top SuperSonics are over the for for a long time. So they're going to be new pick is going to be surprised when he goes there. Football or basketball he'll win so be playing against him. All right. Six five two hundred fifty four pounds from Wyoming. What I was gonna ask what team were draft. What position on the top ten redrafting? I'm telling you in a minute. Okay. Okay. I let me introduce Carl gander Sohn. You know, Carl car Carl. Six from Wyoming, two hundred fifty four pounds with Carl frankly. Yes, yes. I am familiar with Carl. It's an interesting pick for which team. I'm going to. I I'm going to pick him for Denver number ten. Okay. Okay. He's going to Denver. And the reason why if you look at this picture he looks like one of those go west young men statues. You know is that because he's holding his football out in front of it might be. But look at his eyes. He's like I'm determined. I'm going to go someplace where it's where it's west. So he is going to the Denver Bronco. Okay. So far we have the eighth pick in the draft. Ed Oliver and the ten pickets Carl gander. So wouldn't be surprised Denver was actually east of Laremy the whole 'nother. That's all different story. Well, I'm just saying. Yeah. So here we go. Here we go from Alabama six five three hundred one pound.

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