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Making the choice to avoid lifelong pain and injury is not being a quitter sign Jim into we talked about it at length yesterday and I share my thoughts in response to those of you who are saying the guy is a wimp the guy soft he's a quitter he just doesn't want to do the work he has one to the rehab I would never do it like you all have an amazing threshold branch who likes pain I mean how the hell would you know having never played that game that level so I found somebody yesterday who do you play that game at that level Ross Tucker he joined the program and he shared his thoughts on looks retirement and they were strong and since I'm still getting emails on this topic and there's still some you calling this guy out for court being a quitter I thought they would reset when Ross Tucker said on the program because if you missed it you do need to hear it and if you did hear it yesterday you should probably hear it again for those of you who don't know Ross Tucker played seven years in the NFL played his college ball at Princeton before that so he knows he's played the game at a high level he's lined up against the biggest the basket baddest the fastest dudes on the planet he knows what he's talking about he has experience so when somebody even a franchise quarterback walks away from the game in his prime because of the life draining nonstop cycle of pain injury rehab when all of that sucks the joy out of the game and out of your life Ross Tucker for one understands and can relate my best year in the NFL was two thousand four with the Buffalo Bills I started thirteen games we went nine and four in those games including one like six or seven or but I can remember Jim that in December the end of that season either herniated disc in my back so I was playing is because I wanted to play but also at a fifty thousand dollar playing time bonus which was huge money to me so before every game I was taken through or tabs to flex roles they shot it tore all in my body and I distinctly remember before games thinking I hate this I hate football I just can't wait until this game was over it was just the combination of the pain distress knowing I was about to go out there against Gerard Warren or bright young arose plane that day despite the fact that I was hurting that bad it was bad man I mean I remember the last game against the Steelers everyone we made the playoffs my wife had to tie my shoes in the morning when I left the house in yet I played every snap against the Steelers we lost I was disappointed that we didn't make the playoffs but part of me was a little bit relieved Jim that it was just finally over but I could stop putting myself through that much pain it's hard to explain everybody out there is playing with some thing but when you are really really hurting it's just not fun anymore I mean I I even heard growing say that earlier this morning that is an amazing anecdote an amazing story credible so when you hear that if you really listen what he just said can you really say that you think that Andrew luck is soft or a quitter where does want to do it Ross Tucker could not put on in ties own shoes on the Sunday morning of the last game of the season and was taking for pain killers and a shot of toward all to get through it and the thing he loved most you know outside of I'm sure his wife and family football he hated he said it wasn't fun he said that he was relieved when it was over and that's a dude who had a chance to play in a playoff game and supporting was still relieved when it was over loves the game still works nonstop around the game he's got a passion for the game but is honest in saying in that moment he hated it because it became too painful and it sucked the joy right out of it that sound like somebody from Saturday in Indy is that sound like a former patriots tight end from yesterday Ross also spoke about the disconnect between the fans and the players and if they do not understand about the humans that are underneath those helmets the people that brought him in Indianapolis live very very sad lives and my guess is have a void that will never be filled I maybe that's being harsh German maybe I'm not remembering my roots as a fan and you know it is you know these guys now every one of my buddies and my sister and my wife they look at it so much differently now that they actually know or knew an NFL player even like cut down coming down on Saturday I remember all thank god you got rid of that guy we again were that got my body never head anymore because they know that that's like an actual dude picture Andrew luck is your brother or your son or even your best friend and picture him getting off the field the last time you don't know the full field because he won't destroy his body more for your three hours of Sunday entertainment last night I normally do not reset interviews we play interviews go back to something I've already done but I just think that that is so good so good and so powerful and I like and respect Ross talk about much and I think that you need to hear that information and I think some you did not which is why I wanna reset that like he said picture Andrew luck is your brother or your son or your best friend it changes things what should because everybody who actually knows the guy and loves the guy know what he's going through and they've got no issue with the decision they applauded the decision no then there was this notion that Andrew luck bailed on the team at the worst possible time and that the calls were thrown into total disarray right before the season here's what Ross talk right to say about the timing of the announcement I miss argument Jim was to read before the season not to support and you look season before acting even like burn line in those guys Jim they're acting like he was healthy was gonna play if he was healthy I was going to play week Warren he won the darkness he's not healthy he doesn't know when he would be out there is Jim the more honorable guy than I am he has to a rehab the cap ankle thing anyway I would regard that cat bagel thing in Indianapolis in their facility for the next four months right I definitely keep point to he could have stayed there and just doesn't work and still gotten paid pretty not he left that money on the table some of the facts in the way of a bad take right Twitter tough guys he's not retiring on Saturday if he's a goal for week one he's not retiring on Saturday probably if you go for a week eight the reason walked away when he walked away is because he gave it everything he had and try to make it work and knows that he's just not right and was not gonna get right in time for the season maybe would not have been right all year long who knows I know you don't he may not even tell well no it is not to be ready for week one so the stop there he was the **** the colts have been preparing to roll out she called me reset for a long time now whether they made a public or not finally the other angle to this and I've seen where some cosplayers Andrew luck is not saying this but you know it's gonna be thinking at some his teammates are extremely disappointed that somebody that organization leaked the information Ross also was extremely bad the somebody leaked out retirement information to Adam Schefter now Ross Tucker is a member the media right now is not about a chapter but he's mad at the person who gave Shafter the info and ruined it locks opportunity to announce it on his own terms disgusting really really bothers me my number one Public Enemy Jim is whoever leaked that because they're the ones that any port locked in a terrible situation but the fans in a bad situation where they had to be very disappointed me hearing it that way before they actually knew why look was retiring or what was going on somebody about organization because it definitely didn't come from looks camp somebody wanted to curry favor with Adam Schefter somebody wanted to get a favor down the line or somebody wanted to hook up chapter and kudos to shop huge news he broke it he did exactly what it's supposed to do but that person that put their selfish self interest I head of leading Andrew luck could do it with some dignity and on his terms I think it's awful although I will say this chip I've heard out of a couple places now say that they probably knew this would happen in Wednesday Thursday I met they originally were going to have the press conference on Friday at three they changed it to Sunday at three that's a major screw up by the colts front office that is not news of go last until Sunday he's telling players Thursday and Friday I'm actually shocked didn't come out till Saturday night to rabbit who he told them his teammates a couple of them tell their agent or there will they tell somebody I'm actually amazed didn't even get out till Saturday night Ross Tucker he has worked himself into a position where he is one of the best in the business because of an interview like that and he always shows up like that Ross always shows up like that I would add one thing to what he said yeah I agree that is pretty disgusting pretty despicable to somebody that organization we got news leak that I'm Schefter did the right thing it is job but if you're the courts and deep down you hope that this guy comes back deep down you think they may be Ashuelot gets a little bit time and comes back well that's we are privately hoping for that ain't gonna help that's not gonna help at all they did put him in a bad spot they put him in a spot to be booed off the field when he does want to own that thing he want to get up in front of the cameras make the announcement explain why he was doing it and do it the right way but didn't get that opportunity because somebody leaked the news so if you're the colts and you're hoping that this guy comes back and he really is not retired that's gonna hurt you he's gonna remember that and the guy did deserve better than that I agree with literally everything Ross Tucker said everything one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six right so what we'll do we'll come back if you want to react to that because you do not agree that's fine I got plenty time for it first up though Detroit Pistons guard Langston Galloway joins me and then we are open phones for the rest the program better sleep can benefit basically anybody this is why Casper created slap timbre you heard that right slept timbre entire month dedicated.

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