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More often than the are in New York. We're tougher now clothes wearing t shirts. They're wearing shorts. You know you have more skin exposed. Someone might have done that study. I would like to see that study because it makes sense. Look and people are Shittier over there. Maybe that's why they're shittier. You know I mean. They're cold and grumpy Sure but also maybe that is not feeling well because vitamin D deficiency plays a factor in that as well and I would also like to see something done on whether or not that contributes to how many people get sick over there because when I lived in the East Coast when I lived in New York. Got Sick way more than get sick out here. I'M FOR SURE HEALTHIER. More cognizant definitely track think. All of those things player will personally. I think that you know that. There's been enough evidence showing that vitamin D plays a role in particular respiratory infections. I E PSYCHOSOCIAL STRESS STRESS. Cortisol like that that dampens the immune system. You know so when you are stressed. You're you're you're basically you're not in a good situation to to fight off as you were mentioning with your friend when you're stressed out like your immune system is is dampened and you're you're more susceptible to illness for sure and that's also that's also known. I think all those things and then the sleep the end. That's why it's so rough with all these people stuck inside and stressed out. You know all this. The financial pressures that people are experiencing right now because the lockdown. Yeah it's really it's so odd horror BIF- yeah. It is horrible horrible and start getting better. I hope I just hope. I hope that you know we can reopen the economy in a very safe manner where we don't have like flare ups that we don't want to be set back to like shelter in place again like full-on you know. I'm not GonNa do it again. I'm definitely not going to do it the way it was before. If it's the same disease. I don't think it's warranted. It doesn't make any sense to me. I not exhausted right. I think social distancing make sense I think sanitizing making sure you're using hand sanitizer and cleanliness and all that good stuff and if you want to wear a mask and public that make sense to okay. I get it but this was like inside when you're in places I think like if you're going grocery shopping yes sure but test people. How about that absolutely at work? I mean I test everyone that comes in here you. You told me he'd been tested. And I guess got tested again on Sunday at tested. An clear and I did that right when I got back from Jacksonville Florida. Even everybody's been tested. I'd like to get tested again. Just just for the fuck yeah. I'm hoping that the accuracy of the PCR tests improves. I don't you know I don't know if there's like a bet. You mentioned one test. That might be coming out. I hope that's the saliva but I don't you know I'm not sure. What factor do you think When we're talking about Saunas before one of the things. This is a respiratory disease and this is something where you're breathing in these particles and from what I understand. This is a vulnerable virus in terms of the the temperature that it can survive in. Obviously it's in your body but when if it's in your nostrils if it's respiratory tract and you're breathing in that heated sauna air. Does that have any effect at all on viruses? I think know that hasn't really been studied If the virus is like right in your nostrils I don't know maybe but I think it's already like getting it's already getting inside the the respiratory area like your body's kind of maintaining homeostasis so like the reveal retail some of it off and reduce the viral load. I don't I think I think you don't want to speculate. Well now. I think what's actually the sauna is actually. Just it's improving your immune system and I think that doing the sauna is making you more resilient against against infection like they're you know like like that's been shown there's been small trial showing that people doing Asana I forgot the the. But they're you know they. They were much less likely to.

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