Breitbart, Julia Furlan, Joe Bernstein discussed on BuzzFeed News: Reporting To You - Monday, October 9, 2017


Last week buzzfeed news published a giant scoop on how breitbart and milo yannopoulos worked with white nationalist and nazis to push racist views into the mainstream the peace originally published thursday and it's reached over a million readers since then producer julia furlan talked to reporter joe bernstein about his story so it seems like each paragraph of this piece has facts that are more incendiary than the next here's a short list there's a video of milo singing america the beautiful as audience members do the nazi salute there is a fact that steve bannon fostered and guided milos rise in the all right and that milos life was funded by the billionaires who fund breitbart there are several reporters and editors for mainstream media sites that emailed milo was story suggestions and communicated with him in a larger sense you've been covering the outright for a long time i imagine a lot of folks are gonna be surprised that the things in this piece were you surprised at all i wasn't surprised so much as i was some khanna fascinated and grateful to see a lot of the things had been reporting on for years in primary documents that i could actually you know see in an and confirm and so forth you had a hunch for a long time that these things were true yana reported about a lot of these things i mean the mercer financial connection ah breitbart milo milos sort of dance with these kind of racist all right figures but you know this made it explicit there are a lot of high up tech bros that are part of the peace and part of this like larger web and i was wondering like.

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