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Scored higher on porn addiction scales. have. Found that ninety percent of men surveyed would fast forward the video to watch the most arousing pornographic scenes and twenty percent felt that they needed to watch more extreme porn to get the same level of arousal previously. And that's the show for now space-time is broadcast on sites zone radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington DC and through both IHEART radio and on June radio or you can subscribe and Download Space Time is a free podcast through apple stitcher bites, dot com. PUCCA CAST soundcloud, spotify YouTube audio boom Pud beam android cashbox from space-time with Stewart, Gary Dot com, or from your favorite download. PODCASTS provider, you can help support the show and the work we do by visiting the Space Time online shop and grabbing yourself a few goodies or by becoming a space time Patriot, which gives you access to commercial free double episode versions of the show as well as burners already content and other awards just ghetto patriarch page through space time with Stewart Gary Dot Com for all the data. House. If, you want more space time check out our blog where you'll find all the stuff. We couldn't fit in the show as well as loads of images, news stories, videos, and things on the web I find interesting or amusing just go to space time with Stewart Gary Dot Tamla Dot Com. That's all one word in lower case, and that's tumbler without the can also. Through at Stewart Gary on twitter at Space Time with Stewart..

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