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According to his good pleasure. He's the one that invites us to join in on his work. So all of that to say it does require work, but don't get discouraged. Yeah. Absolutely. And you know, the bible God's word plays a huge role in that sanctifying process that process of growing in holiness by the power of God. Right. The power of the Holy Spirit. You know to second Timothy three sixteen going back to that verse again talks about how scripture is useful for training us in righteousness. And so yeah, it does take discipline to go to God's word and to ask those questions. But when we do that. We gain a greater knowledge of him. And like we said before we are transformed into his image. So one thing I wanted to add to that the suggestion of reading book of the bible through is choose a short book of the bible. You know, we didn't give you an exact book to start with. But just a recommendation is choose a shorter book of the bible. So that you can read it from beginning to end one sitting maybe and that you can repetitively read it there is such a benefit of just sitting down and reading for content and context, you don't have to have a pencil case of highlighter every time you come to the word. Right. So just read it, but I will also highly recommend setting the goal for yourself resolved to read through the word in one calendar year. I know that this cystic has kind of floating around social media, but it takes about seventy hours to read through the. Entire bible. I'm a slow reader. So it might take seventy five hours. Seventy five hours we can afford seventy five hours in one calendar year of our lives. And so I wanted to do that. I also had two more suggestions. But before I go onto them Joanna. Let's share your suggestions. Yeah. So I would say, you know, like we said before there is no substitute for God's word. But that doesn't mean that extra biblical resources right resources outside of the bible that doesn't mean that those aren't helpful to us as well. So I did want to recommend if you're looking for maybe some books to help you along this journey. I have a few suggestions. So I love Jen. Wilkins books. None like him and in his image and these books go through twenty attributes of God, the first one is what we call incommunicable attributes which are attributes that we don't share with God. Right. Like that. He is all powerful. Oil or that he is sovereign. And then the other book in his image. Are the communicable attributes those are things that we can reflect like God's love, for example. So these are really accessible easy to read putt. Just packed full of awesome truth resource for you to kind of start on that journey of even learning some terminology. If you're interested in that if you want to maybe get a little bit more scholarly. I have to the Allah g books that I highly recommend they're both called systematic theology. But one is by Wayne gruesome and one is by John frame. These are great kind of reference books that you can go to to kind of learn about God and his attributes and how how scripture describes him. Yeah. I was really excited when I saw that you mentioned them. Yes. They're so good. They're huge bugs. But I absolutely love them. Now one. The other thing I want to mention, and I can't stress the importance of this enough is the local church. Your local church being involved in Christian community in person is incredibly important you need to be sitting under the teaching of those in leadership over you. Right. Teaching from your pastors and elders leaders in your church, you know, having someone in your community to walk alongside of you in your study of scripture right in a discipleship role..

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