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Having your own laundry basket putting your own laundry and pushing the buttons. Like at some point. No yeah they do that but then they must think that magically the clothes come out of the dryer get folded and then get carried up to their rooms right. Because if i wait and i have waited two days later. Now we've got eight more loads of laundry to get done and katie's collection of barely anything are still in the drier okay. So here's here's how. I would say that eight loads laundry. How many times do you guys change. Close it's a pandemic my pajamas. My my shirt. you like it today. Good you're going to see it too. I don't care who get the. I will say this though you know so. Our boys are in soccer. Yeah they come back. They play soccer of course in anything in the rain. Whatever it doesn't matter they come in their stuff is soaked and they just drop it right inside the back door which is okay. Isn't it while or walk three steps and put it in the washing machine now. We're not we're not quite there yet. Buddy it's been a great episode. Lots of funds some very good stories. Terrific guests look forward to episode fourteen as well so you have a very weak. Yeah you too. And thanks again to joy record and caleb dahlgren that was outstanding today it was and huge. Shot out to our partners who make the podcast possible at school dot. Co the free to play sports casino games website and our new friends at okay. Tired it's going to be okay. You can check okay tire at okay. Tired dot com and ray a special. Welcome to the ray and griggs podcast family. And that is a ammo. I know that. I'm looking forward to going to dear. Her steering on -tario resort not far away. They've got an adventure center. I'm diving onto the side by sides. The atv's the snow is melting pretty much. I don't think i'm getting on the snow machines but that adventure center. The dreger boys are common. Yamaha needs to be ready so i'm looking forward to it. Also welcome and beware of the draggers so every week. We're going to get you to say this. Ready yamaha's tagline okay. So i'm going to say it and then you're gonna say you're ready. I don't know what i'm agreeing to know. You're you're fine you'll be fine. Yamaha revs your heart yamaha. Rabs your heart there you go. Thanks buddy of a great week and look forward to episode. Fourteen be well everybody..

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