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And they felt like wall is this organization for me because i don't see myself represented in on their website so i don't know if i feel comfortable there so i think they could get more members also by opening up their minority group well uh marchelle tickner firearm instructor founder of trigger happy firearm instruction in again she's not asking you to be 'triggerhappy with a gun in making decisions in your life marchelle thank you thank you so much for having me on the show and another stat african american women alpes all others in securing concealed carry permits in texas though they have far fewer guns overall than white your thoughts welcome at here in how dot org president trump's proposed 2018 budget calls for a ninety percent cut in funding for agencies that support the arts that includes money for museums artists in libraries which are already under siege at the state and local level new england is home to many of america's oldest public libraries in the region has been hit especially hard reporter tom verdy has the story on a sultry weekday morning patrons escape the heat and gather at the essex public library in essex connecticut for weekly book discussion they all about her now librarian emily bouchehr leads the discussion of kazue you should gurus 1989 novel the remains of the day copies of the book litter the table books on loan from other public libraries sent via the state's interlibrary months system a system which reader bob phoenix routinely relies on i constantly use it the only other resource for me is sick owned by that book and so that if i had absolutely no access this would cost me a good deal of money each year but connecticut governor dental molloy's office is also concerned about costs earlier this summer it cut one point seven million dollars in funding to the connecticut state library that's eighteen percent of the wiper is operating expenses.

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