Vegas, Michelle Obama, Butler discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


From says me straight them issue it's nothing like sousa recess i'm sure vegas last year the same attitude a susan from says restrictions so that was like i want my first crush was susan from says three straight and so michelle obama has that it that season crush with me and that's about as far that goes michelle obama but i just i was really butler because you know but yeah but has seen on thirty four years old and you know my generation really trying to scares me i grew up and republican household you know i was always informed you know my family we always talked about politics a lot of my friends were like that there is a number my friends are democrats but surprisingly a lot of people i know i stressed a on facebook actually voted for trump and gave the reason why and it really did kind of you know jimmy faced back in the people will that i was about to give up on the american people taken that out the majority were just elliott's and then on do with jon kitna an down and things weird to is not the first ladies they're all about our age down which is really kind of weird i'm michelle obama is not that ohlman i mean heck i'd be you know you'd be able to walk up torn say highs of winning minute were about the same age what the same thing and the lonnie trump's like forty six years old and it's like well she's forty six and you know she's younger than i am in its insisting really because our that we have a first lady first layton younger than i am and you know another first played is about my saying age so cal like where you know you they were getting older or or they're the first ladies are getting younger and was it weird to be able to say yeah i i they have no i got of coffee with michelle obama i think i get had oh that's he's really you know yeah.

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