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So i suppose that we should be talking about the juicy transactions of the nba stugatz. You should be worried why that your nixon charlotte seemed to be the ones interested in russell westbrook that that is when you look around in your allies. It's not a great thing when you're allies are the knicks and charlotte when it comes to Measuring the future of basketball players but because we are so obsessed in sports with the fantasy team with our own organization with the idea of being in control of the transaction being the architect of things. i find fascinating that theo epstein has now left the cubs. Because and it's got two reasons for it one if this stuff is as unscientific as i think it is. Well we give a whole lot of craig credit to ceo's and culture building and architects. You can form a pretty decent argument that no one in the history of making teams has the resume that theo epstein has that theo epstein managed The cubs would be a hundred and twenty something years one hundred ten years without a title. If not for theo epstein of the boston red sox ended in a two places. Like nobody's got that. Nobody's got the deal where they created a champion in a deeply caring about baseball or sports town For place that had gone decades as a loser. He's done it twice but you still question. No i'm not questioning here. I'm not questioning the ability to do it. I'm questioning his leaving now. I'm just wondering about it's not even. I'm not here to cry question what i believed to be at forty six years old the greatest architect in the history of sports. But another thing that i find interesting about it is after billy. Bean explored the market inefficiencies. And expose the market inefficiencies in a way that i wonder if he's got his own regrets about now because The what happened with the o. Epstein is he took all of the information in the wisdom and just said okay. I'll do what you do. And i'll do it with money i won't. I don't need coupons. I've got i've got two giant teams paying me and paying us a lot of money in order to build something and so now he's available and the thing i wonder about as i did with daryl morey and i wondered about it. Wrongs got s- because basically foretold what's happening with the houston rockets and that entire exodus when he said never mind. I'm out of here. And i really thought that daryl morey was the kind of person who would have other interests like You know that ridiculous musical that he told us about that. We will get the sound for on some of the lyrics basketball. It was a sexy basketball musical. I've thought daryl morey was leaving the houston rockets to go tackle greater pursuits. More interesting things than basketball. He was interested in philadelphia. Apparently he had evidently figured out there. Now with you. I thought the same by the way. I figured that he topped out. Whatever it is that was in. Houston he figures. Okay this big. I've tried a different ways. I've tried it by changing the way we play basketball taking more threes than any team in the league. I've tried it by making james harden into who is a player without scoring it i am. I'm trying something different with cappella. And then i'm going to go. Small ball never mind. I'm done here. I can't this is it. I've traded for people. I've moved and changed all of the furniture. This is the best that i can do in houston. Go give me embiid and simmons. And i'll work with them but i didn't think he was going to do that. I thought he was going to explore creative pursuits who we want to have sex with giants or know what's between four and six how to bring the parts into compliance. I just cannot grasp the mechanics. So that is daryl morey What happened. I thought you're on in the pursuit of daryl. Morey why is he not been on with us yet. I reached out to him. He asked me to go through the philadelphia seventy sixers. I have made that request through the sixers. I am waiting to hear back from you posted. I am curious how it all ended in houston in a way that made everyone want to get out. West broad cardon. Everybody wants out of houston. Look at the ownership. Is that it different different owner. They had The whole china thing that Affected the owner's business dealings also. I'd be super curious. I don't know whether they'll ever be honest about this. But i was so embarrassed. For james harden being sent out to do the owners bidding as the face the bearded face of that team on china and him just being ill equipped with the subject matter and just saying i like china like i not knowing how to deal with it. I wonder how much any of that had to do with james harden. Eventually being like never mind. Get me out of here. James harden doesn't have internet remember. That said he didn't know why he was wearing a thin blue line mask because he doesn't have internet with with theo epstein. I heard buster only on k. j. z. This morning and he was talking about theo. wants to. there's a potential chance for him to be part of an ownership team and that's where he wants to go. That's where he wants to keep moving up. Maybe the mets about that. There might be a lot more money and equity in that and that would make some sense if you're forty six years old and you've already achieved everything. There is to be achieved two places. Because you realize theo epstein has co. Theo epstein has on his resume though twice something that no one else has won like. He's done it two time. Maybe he's addicted to chasing that high. It's not just going somewhere with expectations. It's going somewhere with expectations. It hasn't done it in a while. You look at all of baseball. I can go to cleveland or the mets which are usually the biggest punchline in the sport but do you care much if he's part of your ownership team if he's not evaluating players in selecting the he's helping you build okay He's tall he's putting people in place that had his touch and his sort of sign on. I find many of those things to be subjective right because you can't know what a player is going to become student. Did you see. I don't know if you guys saw this last night. But it is one of the most unusual interviews that you will see of prospect coming into a job market. Where the number one prospect in america. Or somebody you know. He's he's a basketball player and his name. I don't have it on me right now but it was an espn interview that was going viral in that he said. I don't like Basketball so much and there are funny stories about this. I'm not that into basketball football. Evidently i love but he is extraordinary at basketball as well. I don't know how you judge..

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