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For a new car or for a car for my sixteen year old daughter be a first car a and have been looking around at a bunch of different things and initially was looking at straight used cars but he's been talking about over the last couple weeks with the incentives on the news ones I can hardly justify you know buying something was forty to sixty thousand miles when for a thousand dollars more I can get something maybe no question and what's odd about it mark is although the incentives on the new ones are are huge used car market and when I say Kerr I mean car sedan hatchback his remains strong pressures you're sure. and it's just this just blows my mind I've never seen in my entire career but but I digress. what kind of budget are we trying to stay down. I was kind of looking in the mid twenties. kind of narrow it down to the on the C. R. V. the kia Sportage and the Nissan rogue all the choices for you water and they should be. that's what you feel the most comfortable and unfortunately she's learned to drive in the vehicles that we have in our S. U. V.. Hey I'm a big fan for young drivers to be an issue V. because of visibility. all three of those are great I don't know that you can get a C. R. V.. in the in that price range but I'm a hundred percent sure you can get a rogue in that price range and in the one thing I love the Nissan's doing right now is a put in all kinds of safety equipment as standard of social have automatic emergency braking which is great because she's gonna get distracted and hopefully that will stop the vehicle. in time they'll put it back in line again if she's distracted and she gets out of line it'll put her back in the line so you know for safety sake I think the road is a great buy right now if you'll talk to mark Colin it Katie Nissan man he is a great guy and he will take great care.

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