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For only $99. Michael answer. Traffic and weather on the AIDS. Rita Kessler in the W. T O be Traffic Center Watch for delays in Virginia and North bound 95 1st. After the Rappahannock headed past, 17 Looks like they've set up that work today, usually in the left lane, then delays from 6 10 Garrison Ville Road trying to head toward Quantico. This is the accident activity along the left side, some good Is on 3 95 North bound your seminary road. Thier. Earlier incident was moved out of the travel portion of the roadway. The lane should be open. Still seeing some delays from Duke Street headed past the scene. But after that, it looks good. Headed to one across the 14th Street bridge. No major problems along 66 right now. North bound Benita Fitzgerald Drive in Woodbridge between Cardinal driving Bronco Way had been under police direction for the gas leak. Eastbound 15 years slowly filled circle and Centerview Drive had been a report of a wreck. And South bound Prince William part when your balls Ford Road, also the scene of a crash South bound 3 95 near Glebe Road. There have been work reported in the left lane colors were saying it was setting up in Maryland eastbound I 70 after 17 and Myers will the emergency work along the right side North Donna Randall Mills boulevardier route 100 had been the scene of a wreck. Also the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge, the right lane of two blocked with the work and the westbound spans. Running two way traffic. Harry. Nice Mac Middleton Bridge your alternating to get across the bridge today for the work zone in the district South and Si Tu 95 starting to slow before bending towards Capitol Street. North Bound I to 95 year, Malcolm X Avenue watch for the work, usually along the left side where we're seeing a bit of a backup. Also starting to see delays on both directions of 2 95 trying to get across the amount 11 Street Bridge. So watch for anything there and New York Avenue near fourth and Pen. You were under police direction for the crash. Ready for the Great American Road trip fit. Small dot com Is your next ride it? Fitzgerald Toyota like the fuel efficient robbed four visit Fitzgerald Toyota If it's small dot com today. Hey, I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY traffic. And now the storm team forest, Lauren rickets. Lots of sunshine coming our way once again today and warm temperatures coming our way loaded mid eighties when our average temperature is 70 degrees. It's gonna be a beautiful day a little bit of a breeze of times, but we are dry overnight fifties and sixties. And then mid toe upper.

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