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Yes, Actually, it was writing ad Copy for Real chili in Milwaukee. Dick Wolf, Do you really know? But I used to eat it Real chili in Wisconsin. Dick Wolf made his screenwriting bones, writing films like school ties and episodes for series like Miami Vice and Hill Street Blues. And now he owns half of the West Side of Chicago. The X doesn't really well Yeah. Chicago Fire Chicago P D. Chicago. No, Right, Right. Right. Which of those Chicago shows your favorite? I haven't seen any of them. I don't think I Chicago radio. That'd be cool. Yeah. Lord, What would you like me to add to that? Uh huh. Sure. Some What? Some, uh some law and order. Guest stars return so frequently. They were called repeat offenders to get it. No, David Schwimmer was an early guessed that there was an NYPD Blue. I don't know. Go ahead since law and order. Drew on a New York based casting pool. It was inevitable that actors would show up on multiple episodes as entirely different characters. Fans created a repeat offenders website. I did not know that attempting to list every actor's name and appearance. This was well before social media. All this stuff would have been sorted out like through. Episode number two, right? Are you bored with your own book? Report Variable with my own book reform facts for us. These are the fun facts, for goodness sakes. Did you know Jerry Orbach? This is a good one. Did you know you need to set aside nearly three weeks to watch all of law and order as V you? Can you name any of the cast members? Sure can. Well, now you're reading them now. I mean, off the top of your head. Yeah, Okay. You're reading them. I can see you. I actually I lost him in my notes. I don't even know Chris Meloni. I only know the SPU. Mariska Mariska Haggerty or whatever. Hardisty Hardisty her Jerry Orbach. What about Michael Moriarty? Michael Moriarty was one of the first prosecutors was, um Sam Waterson was a prosecutor. I think I love Sam. Walter..

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