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I want you to recognize if you are shining in your life right now. Just like a diamond. This moves me to share that in nineteen fifty-three a film called gentleman prefers blondes starring the gorgeous. Beautiful voluptuous Marilyn Monroe was Back East where she's saying Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend. Let's think about that. How could you not know that song? Right? How could you not know Marilyn Monroe and how could you not like diamonds? Diamonds are beautiful. They are strong as fuck. They are graded through Clarity cut size and color regardless of their side and they continue to rule the precious gems Market they often become dirty and dull until they are cleaned and serviced. I want you to think about this right now. What if you were your own best friend instead of that diamond you are the diamond in your story your journey your strength and hope can guide you to shine bright again. So again, let's think about this before I tell you more of my story. What if you were your own best friend instead of that diamond? Hm. My diamond lost its shine in 2008. I hit rock bottom going to hundred miles per hour. Maybe even faster. Yeah, let's just say hit a wall while driving on the Autobahn called life that year and quite honestly my diamond, my best friend was lost dirty and dull my diamond and I were suffering in silence. Spending ten days in the hospital with many other dull diamonds was my rock bottom. The best part of my story is my dull overthinking self-sabotaging high-achieving diamond and I survived it was a struggle. It was a huge struggle being in a locked facility for mental health support was an experience. I will never forget in the beginning. I stayed in bed refused to eat and spend any time outside of my room. It was just me and my damn dull diamond. Why because I was scared worried and unsure what all the other dull diamonds were doing until one day. I was Brave I was so brave. That I began to work towards recovery with my team which consisted of a psychiatrist and countless nurses. I like to call them the service professionals a real mental health same company like that. I do I deep down wanted to shine but I didn't know how it all begins with that first step that first step down as I began at the dinner table by joining all my new diamond friends for a family-style.

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