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His medical treatment for his brain cancer Dr Clark Chen is head of the university of Minnesota's department. Of neurosurgery was diagnosed with Cleopa upon the initial surgery that occurred about a year. Year and, a half ago initially folks were speculating that he was not he he's speech was wasn't from time to time completely coherent in some, hearings and so many. Of. Us, who are training Araj neuro-surgery had speculated that perhaps was. A disease process Dr Chen says, globalist Doma is one of the. Most aggressive cancers known to man he says hearing the, senators decision to not continue treatment tells them they've exhausted all available clinical trials in treatments or that the treatments. Have JR Greatly impacted McCain's quality of life what this disease does is it slowly erodes those qualities that define who we are You know. We lose the patients depending on where the tumor is lose their ability to move to comprehend to speak to see and so the. Impact of the, disease on the quality of life is perhaps more drastic and more dramatic than other forms of cancer Dr Chen says there's, only one, form of, chemotherapy for this type of. Cancer McCain who's Eighty-one retreated from public life to. Fight the disease his wife Cindy McCain wrote in a tweet today, I love my husband with all of, my heart Dodd bless, everyone who has cared for my husband along this. Journey a disturbing story out of Monroe county Wisconsin today were. Thority say to adults are in. Custody after investigators determined they had been keeping children in cages..

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