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But but his and by the way, I think we should trust him because his profile picture is a picture of him in a dodger hat with Vic the brick. I. Yeah. I mean, I love Vic. Vic, by the way, Greg Vic and has been fighting cancer. God bless like a nice guy. Go back and find Bill Plachy article about Vic that he wrote about a month ago, we love Vic, we don't work with them anymore. We used to work with at the other place. But now, you will not meet a nicer guy than Vic the brick and he's had a really difficult year. But he's hanging in there. And he's like the ultimate optimist. And and Vic we're we're thinking about you man and rooting for. Yeah. He's an absolute institution in this town. So okay. And by the way, speaking of Plachy who wrote the article about Vic the brick. Yeah. Did you see his column today? No. I did not. Okay. I'm sure it's a Rams column though in no, it's about your Goth. Okay. So I'm gonna just have you react to it. You said somewhere somehow Jared Goff has lost his magic. All right. That's the point of this. He says the problem is real the worry is palpable on a night when the Rams likely lost all chance. At home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Folks were searching for something agent even larger where on earth is their great young quarterback. So we talked about this at the start of the show Mace. I gave you some pretty discouraging numbers in his last three games. One touchdown seven interceptions. You're the one guy in the media that stuck with Jared Goff from the minute. They drafted him. Everybody else, including me jumped ship a long time ago. But you have been a big Jared Goff supporter where are you? Now. After these last three games while I'm going to say something..

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