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They also bill. Murray who has a twenty nine thousand first round. Pick who in college look like a very smooth like six four stretch big and then her jump. Shot did not translate super well season but she showed a lot as a rim-protector that they have and they have a couple of older players in isabel harrison. Who is kind of just do it all a little bit combo. Big little bit skinnier than some of the other big name. The a doesn't stretch it all the way out to three but does have is somewhat depend. Midrange jump shot in the mariah jefferson. Who in her. When she was healthy was a five. Six point guard was super athletic. And good floor general. It's been years since we've seen your healthy. It's been years since we've seen girls so don't know what they're going to get her team drafted deana evans with the first pick of the second round this year. Thirteen overall. I don't know if she's gonna make the roster but evans was mocked his highest like six on some boards. Just good up range out to about twenty five the definitely a scoring point guard. But you know not not a bad decision maker by any stretch and just very good poll jumper a little bit smaller and she did fall so it's a question if they choose to roster her or if they choose to russia on the older players it just it's hard to see who they cut to get down to twelve and they also making us incredible player in college but and he's very good She system the master positioning in the post. But she's undersides and defensively in working on stretching out to three but not a inch product so dallas. Your question is how much cannery k. At do and then how much dishonesty develop those are and then how good over keys and it's while young players. Why with gray and thornton. They do have good complementary defensive player so if harrison or at the rookie centers were one the young centers and collier queer. Al alary can provide offering rim protection. They might be Slightly buried offensive team than you would expect. Based on their average age..

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