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It'll help rehabilitate your image as well as give you a chance to tone. Sincerely, six veterans and college football fans. Okay. We'll thank you for that reason. There's a lot to impact here fancy. Southern man was snob. Yeah. Most definitely wasn't a hell Billy who wrote that. No, there's a lot. There's a lots pack your. I mean, the first of all is these guys are just complete losers. Because at the crux of this. These are adults that are berating kid. I think it was six better than women. Pasta. But see that that's one of my big problems with college football is because of how big the game has become an how commercials become you have these fans that treat these kids as if they're professionals in some sense, and they have no problem berating them and speaking ill of them, and they forget that they're just kids going out there because they love the game. Because you know, obviously, there's a lot of talk about to pay pay whatever that's a whole discussion. But they're out there because they love point football. And they're not trying to throw an interception. They're trying to miss a tackle. So the fact that these guys would take the time to write this letter is just absolutely sickening in my opinion. I think if you use the term coward and your not being sarcastic. Like, I tweeted last night that if Microsoft doesn't bring back Zun, they're cowards joking around about being cowardly Europe. Fucking loser. Like. A loser. There. You know? You don't sign your names on it? Roy say six veterans and college football fans guy, you're fucking name. Six veterans are going to be sitting around drinking a beer and be like, you know, we should do that motherfucker from Notre Dame. Let's write him a letter. Okay. I'll write it. No Bill, right it. But it's all right it together. It's not the continental congress. It's better to football. What my guess is. They were naval academy graduates for I can't imagine just random veterans would care this much about this kid. And you know, they they say like, oh, you know, you spit on the flag heated spin on the flagless. And Honey a kids. I think we're gonna too much saying at the end, there's no plural involved. This one person to believe that six I don't even know if it's veteran, I can see just being somewhat. I believe the letters real. I don't believe it was from maybe not. I don't know. I have a hard time. Someone hard time thinking somebody would care about this kid that much. But maybe I don't know. What flag? Let's that's ridiculous. Rewarded while if it is rights the transfer act? That's my thing because you talk to every player on the team you can talk to every coach, but playing football at one of the academy's is one of those things that until you're actually doing it for yourself. You cannot fully appreciate what it is like and how you will react to it. And I don't hate the kid had a nice freshman year realize. Okay. Maybe I could play at the next level. And then they changed the rule. You don't not everyone is meant to serve in the military. And that's okay. We talked about a couple of years ago, how the people that we want in our platoon in our fleet or the ones that really want to be there. So for him to realize, and he has this option is as you don't start the first day of class your junior year, you can transfer without any sort of penalty. So he didn't break any rules. He didn't need any exemptions. He just decided the able kademi is not for me. I don't have that commitment to serve and I'd like to pursue my education. Elsewhere that is completely fine in my opinion. Yeah. And maybe what maybe. One day. Maybe one day he will regret it. Maybe one day. He'll say he'll be you know, in his six-year nanna fell in Saint. Wow. That was the best choice. I made. So if you do regret it when you look back hit us up. I'm gonna keep the return address of this Mela. Will you could ride a back and say, you are right friend. I was wrong. I should've stayed got his school where I didn't really wanna go while term move on. Okay. It was me. I wrote that. Wanted to fire on give us a topic. I knew this reeked of you, Catherine..

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