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Wait, wait gave what? Keep going finish it up. Kevin. Dave. The new year. More than a moment. Make the top ten of twenty nineteen. How you make it already too late January fourth. You've nailed it. Wow. Hey, passenger shaming alley had a just a terrible experience with some passengers on a plane recently. And it turns out there's a whole website, blog and Instagram account and industry devoted to shaming passengers on airplanes. We're going to get into all that hear your stories when we return after the top of the hour, I allies here with our what's happening. Our friday. Yeah. On Fridays for this. What's happening segment? We like to talk about our playlist that we have it's called. That's my jam and every member on the Kevin and bean show picks a song that they are newly interested in. Maybe it's something they forgot about in the past. But it's something that we're just digging at the moment, you can find it on our Twitter on our Facebook on our Instagram at Kevin and bean, go ahead and follow along. That's my jam. You're going to have new music every single week. Let's turn it off. I with Kevin. What's your pick? Mine is Emily king. She is a singer songwriter from New York City, she put out a first album in two thousand four but she has a new album that is coming out February I called scenery. And this is a song from that new album. Also on Tuesday, January twenty ninth. She's going to be an amoeba nice if you'd like to meet her, but this is the first song from that new album is called remind me. Eighties,.

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