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And the number of people living in shelters or even outside is going up komo's jeff pohjola has more this is something with county does every year account of each and every person living on the streets cairo zell straight with the group all home this year's count resulted in twelve thousand one hundred and twelve individuals shelter sheltered and sheltered engine county this is four percent increase over twenty seventeen and that actually marks the slowest increase that we've seen in the last four years so again any number of people experiencing homelessness is too many and biggest increases were also among single adults and an increase in chronic homelessness by twenty three percents fit within that number are some very startling statistics six thousand three hundred and twenty individuals for unsheltered in our community on the night of january twenty six this includes people living on the street and cars rv's and vans and abandoned buildings and intense and encampments sanctioned and unsanctioned locations that's a fifteen percent increase but if you're seeing fewer and fewer tents there's a reason we saw an increase of forty six percent of people living and vehicles vehicle residency this means people living in their cars in our visa and in bands and this increases happening throughout the region not just in the city of seattle parts of king county but there is some good news in homelessness declined by thirty one percent this year as compared to twenty seventeen family homelessness is declined by seven percent and youth homelessness steady though we saw a decrease of twenty two percent unaccompanied minors we're learning from these successes we know that it takes a coordinated and person centered approach as well as targeted an increased investments that is happening for veterans in our community and that has led to a march decrease in that populations experiencing homelessness but zillow says the numbers don't tell the whole story in addition.

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