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Welcome to the chicks on the right show where the chicks on my daisy hello producer i'm candle also here before we get into a clip of audio of michael wolff on the today show this morning can i just i need to focus on something positive which is the the headline ondrej right now because they're setting he to be talked down from several legislative something positive faraj andresson pot okay yes it says december jobs plus one hundred and forty eight thousand black unemployment record low that's fantastic see there's a lot of good things going on i'm glad that somebody's reporting it that's great glad everybody else is talking about michael wolff and michael wolff is the trash peddler right is he the trash peddler well he referred to him as an author and author and hollywood reporter columnist and of course he's the guy that threaten fire and fury which is absolutely all anyone can talk about right now yeah um as we know from yesterday trump's administrator trump himself and his lawyers sent a cease and desist letter trying to get the book to be stopped that just ended it y and it's that ended up actually just pushing it to be released earlier you're going to put her over the you really are s matthew seriously legates it's going to be on the nephew of you i'm just watch on the back and forth here and i'm like i'm equally like happy with rob and mad at rob blake why well i'm mad at him because he keeps fall you're crazy because you this morning that this is like this that trump is behind all of this means they always doing that because it drive you crazy and i want to love watching this dynamic because like you like your head is about to explode rob is loving it it's like this is just so find a why but then also some of the stuff he says is very reassuring so then i'm like okay because here's here's my take is that i watch all of this and unlike okay at first i was like okay this all the bannon crap and then this guy this guy's a tool okay and and the people who voted for trump will always be loyal to trap because there rob okay they're they're just anybody else's rob is robert.

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