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Friday, doorbusters said. Regency Furniture in Maryland and Virginia WTF here to 48 traffic and weather on the eighth. Let's go to Jo Conway in the W. T o p traffic center. As I need to stay out of the prediction game, Mike on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. I thought the crash is going to be North Bend your powder, Miro, which is true. That was gonna be along the left. They tell us no, Everything's in the right. In fact finding the right shoulder. It was at a camera shot. So that was the reason for the speculation. Everything's out of the way. Now it's a delay still to get by north and leaving the Beltway heading up toward powder Mill Road and South pounds going to look at the activity. Inbound Suitland Parkway. The earlier crash was after Silver Hill Road under police direction with a brief delay. The Maryland Bellway had no issues currently reported Virginia Beltway Likewise in good shape, the earlier problem was on the out of your eyes. Now Avenue was a box in the roadway. But that's been cleared. Going south on 95 delays out of Lords and toward Woodbridge. Its volume you slow again, a quiet most of the way toward Fredericksburg north and delays out of a quiet Jan. Most of the way up toward Newington, With very few breaks along the way, Easy pass, things were closed. As we could see in the traffic cameras. That means they'll be turning north. On soon, but not yet over on Route. One report of a crash near Fort Hunt Road expected Find delays both ways on the approach 66 eastbound, a laser through Vienna. Typical calm or crash on Route seven was between Bailey's crossroads of Falls Church near the Falls Church, Church of Christ, and at last report, police were still with it. District side normal delays to 95 going South Burrows Avenue twenties Capitol Street. Brought to you. By Snell. Homeowners NAILS Black Friday total heating event is back through December. 5th call 85549 smell or business now. Heating and air calm. I'm Joe convert only Utopia traffic. Now the storm Team four meteorologist Briana Berman Solo Beautiful, Sunny day today, loving this sunshine that will continue through the rest of the holiday weekend. It is the last weekend of November 2020. And so it's a great weekend.

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