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What's happening at eleven thirty Dorian is battering the Bahamas with one hundred eighty five mile an hour winds the category five storm is being described as catastrophic WBZ TV's Jim Smith spoke with a local man who owns property in the Bahamas we're here at willow bend in mash P. one of Dave itself for its many exclusive developments he's here on the Cape tonight but his thoughts are down in the Bahamas we're another one of his resort is being targeted by hurricane Dorian the water stopped the second level homes people standing on the roof the damage zone includes Abaco island where developer David self worth owns and operates the Abaco club resort I've seen reports from March harbor the look devastating you know the the homes many homes are flooded many or wiped out lots of tree damage what I've seen they are the worst of what you would expect in a situation like this Southworth hopes to get down to the seat in the coming days to survey the damage the path of the storm is still uncertain but Broward county Florida mayor mark Bogen says he's very concerned I call this the storm of the century this is an incredible storm it's right now sustained one hundred and eighty eighty five mile an hour winds it's reached up to two hundred twenty mile an hour winds this is something we've never seen before I don't think anybody seen something like this before the governors of South Carolina and Georgia have ordered mandatory evacuations along the entire coast authorities still don't have a motive for yesterday's mass shooting in Odessa Texas that killed seven people and wounded nearly two dozen more police say Seth autour opened fire with an A. R. style weapon after a routine traffic stop one of those killed was the US postal worker who service truck the shooter hijacked during the rampage another arrest involving possible mass shooting suspicions this time in Connecticut.

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