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And Marlo Furniture Friday through Sunday, it's six traffic and weather on the eighths and when it breaks Dave Tilden in the GOP traffic Center, Capital Beltway in good shape in Maryland and Virginia, No delays on to 70 between the Beltway and I 70 and Frederick Baltimore bound 95 North bound past 1 95 pace, improving crash either clear to the shoulder or cleared all together 50 Sailing between the Beltway and the Chesapeake Bay, southern Maryland, took a hard hit from yesterday's storm. Still, several roads are blocked in ST Mary's County in Mechanicsville, Route five has blocked near Chaptico wrote and ST Clement's Creek Route six Newmarket Turner Road closed north of 2 35 near Persimmon Creek, Brandywine Road is still closed at the Charles ST Mary's line, Swanson Creek. In Calvert County Plum Point Road is closed Roadway was compromised. West of Wilson Road Lower More Barrel Road is closed near Mill Branch Road in Virginia where the weather was a lot tamer yesterday and today, no traffic concerns on the Beltway 66 he works on delays to be brief between the Beltway and 1 23 95 South bound still slow from Lauren. Across the Aqua Kwan had a motorcycle crash west of 95 on Prince William Park when you're Keeton Hill Road that was on the left side, but Causing brief delays and the crash north bound north of Haibal Valley on Route one. Beyond Lockheed Boulevard is mostly clear. W th The reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first Save money on New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's. There's a fit small.

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