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The dow. Oh down dare do. I don't have the music with me. Because this is the gaming tadpole chasing ryota. Oh my gosh. I'm just watching myself one replay. I'm going. I'm like what the heck am i do at my table like i'm trying to realize fish come on a guy i got it. It's a big one. It's a big one the game tadpole which is yeah. Yeah where we weird and occasionally talk about games we do we do and you know occasionally we'll even have other people shot the reason why i mean 'cause i wanna make sure i get everything working here like i want there to be no problems. I love i love to having a era albion. He was a great addition. But i don't want to be in a situation where i'm having a bunch of technical problems. I'm wasting anybody's time. You waste my time every week while okay at least we waste your time in a good way now now. No you saying it's not. Hey people i do you know why that bite why people like friends and daisy allies. Or what's another one. I've never liked friends that show. I ran identical. They'll screw that show anyway. But people like drama people make when to actors to say man. You cheated on my wife. No you cheated on my wife. This is the end we are. We are never going to be. We are never ever ever arcane. I regret i regret no doubt but so even today regarding the topic straightforward talk about today ono. Oh oh there you go. I share our guy button. So okay i was like oh now i want my gosh like i'm actually looking at side like i'm actually like right next to you. Like oh my gosh. You got to be got to be strong. You can do this. You can get through this. Okay where are you looking at. Oh yeah these window. Blinds but zodiac zodiac x. Dx which is the indie game coming out in a week or so. it's a developed by a texas texan. actually and i Play actually that was the first thing streamed on here. And i think you were there for it when i was trying. Testings out but Yeah we'll talk about that. So i played through a bit of it. Monsters inc has a sequel out on disney plus called monsters. Go to work now. Monsters at work. Let me get that title right and you know the end now. Disney plus is releasing their shows on wednesdays banks low key so it's now going to be for everything why not jump the jump on instead of waiting for friday. I mean monsters inc. That is a blood movie. I mean i think. I think people like like that movie. I liked that movie monsters. Monsters inc has a sequel out on disney plus monsters. Our next goes like there was a raging monster university. Yeah well it's no. This is a this is a tell or streaming show. Like this is a yeah. It's a serious. Yeah but takes place after the first monsters inc and also has the same voice actors from the movie. So you do get john goodman as sally and billy crystal as mike bosanski i. Yeah mike was ascii. And i the other actor. I think everybody return who is in the last movie. 'cause i i'll say when i saw the first episode i recognize everybody's voice as far as the returning characters so for those who want authenticity monster zinc as far as the voice delivery and getting the though their characters gather ups but news new series new sequel and actually a new protagonist which i.

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