Joe Biden, Twitter, Donald Trump discussed on Sterling on Sunday


They put a giant neon arrow on corruption in the Bidens family. And not just with Hunter. But with Joe and beyond as well. The sister Joe Biden, Sister Joe Biden's brother, with the big contracts in Iraq. Right now, that's all perfectly legit on our news media's pretending that this is all Russian, The Democrats, clapper and shift confirmed liars. Claiming all this is Russian disinformation. Everything has been Russian disinformation. You know they were trying to help Trump Will they help the Democrat Party for four years and hurt Trump for four years? I don't know how you know. Maybe Putin is not very good at this stuff, but I don't think that's it also on Twitter. If Twitter were a foreign company, let's say operating out of Venezuela or North Korea. And they were crushing news stories in the states. How do you think we'd respond? How do you think we respond? Then? If it were in Iran building.

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