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To produce success with an incumbent We failed Now that's not all white people Black leaders are already talking about taking lessons from the successful campaign of incoming mayor whoo to improve their own political organizing and to increase black turnout in future races Some are also calling for a more coordinated strategy to coalesce behind a single black candidate to avoid splitting the vote as happened this year But others bristle at the idea of expecting a black candidate to drop out of a race because there are too many of them Civil rights activist Amari Paris Jeffreys is one who also feels grief that a black candidate didn't make the cut this year but while important symbolically and psychically he says a candidate's race should not be a determinant factor In this antiracist discourse I don't think we're going to find identical twins of our experience in order for them to even be able to empathize with me It is just not possible And so I think we have to start creating a larger tent and find common ground together It's a theme incoming mayor Wu has struck throughout her campaign and also well attending Janie's farewell address I have heard and want to continue acknowledging the disappointment of many in our community who wish to see represented from the black community and we will continue working to meet this moment to take on systemic racism and the barriers that have been perpetuated for far too long in Boston voters will be watching as will congresswoman ayanna Pressley who endorsed Wu in the final She earned by endorsement but she earned it because she is prepared to be honest about the disparate outcomes across every issue And I expect that the black community will hold her accountable for her part acting mayor Kim janey insists her short but historic term did push Boston forward as she approached every issue through a lens of racial equity as she put it Still there's a lot more work to do she says when it comes to all of our isms in Boston and around the country Tovia Smith and pyrrhus Boston This is NPR news At 6 19 this is listener supported WNYC later on morning edition A Colorado pharma converts a pastor into a solar farm and is pleasantly surprised when crops beneath the solar panels begin to thrive Peppers tomatoes squashes pumpkins kale.

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