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Good in my bar menu. Very honest. His wedding manual. Yeah. Good morning. Good morning. Time is from Mother's Day. What a lot of toss. You got mothers their suggestions back, don't you? I do. I do. Yes. You're right. Or if you had a parent father That was really good on the barbecue years ago, when the kids were growing up. Why all the sausages tent burned away. But you said them to him anyway. Didn't you asking for a toaster? Better? A little bit burn anyway, better a little bit Good. The source in about it wrong. Perfect. Yeah, Exactly. Just wrap it all up and possibly on. Yes, the cheese on toast as well was always a little bit Glad tastes better. A bit crispy. I think so. And on the rare occasions that we went camping Marshmallows over the open fire, or you got a little bit more bench? Yes, Better bird. Yes, I think so. I do two fish fingers caress the brown bits s. I think so, although that would actually be an anathema to you fish fingers unless there were real fish fingers like a goddess. So when There's talk that What types Good that spread. You can't get past Crane do like I should talk Made to be burned. Yes, absolutely Tasty, yet Very tasty. Now, Chris, why don't you send me some of that for Mother's Day? No, the timer for my first timer. So what if he was there in season for Mother's Day? Should someone want to spoil their mother like by bringing her something fresh and sea foodie? You could make a really nice simple platter with just six oysters. 12 knights pawns on before nice slices of smoked salmon with a nice Rose ain't And you would put a small on a month. Spice often would doesn't fight much, much with the proper people. Yeah, And if if there was more poeple to be celebrating that day with Mom, you get out of your more points of oysters. You could add a couple of bugs, maybe some smoked mussels. Some whiskey cured salmon, which I think taste better than smoke. Seven marinated octopus, little job caviar. It's endless. There are so many things that the fish shops around Melbourne would have in stock. And they would have lots and lots of great ideas have had a creative, simple, nice planet. And it wouldn't customer that one of them described the first one. I don't think of the cost even 50 bucks. Really? Yeah, any of you have to share with anybody else. So can you eat it all yourself? You can't know yourself if you're dying. Yeah, just like a birthday your day. It's your day. And even if you're not a mother and you want to celebrate someone else's mother, you could do it like that for yourself anyway. That's a great see exactly what else swim by. Lot of leaded came to market hell of a lot of fled. I mean track like this week, and I think the market was begging for the women of crack up so the fishermen could stop catching flak because I really Still, the market in the process started dropping a bit. We saw really nice quality yellowfin tuna, but we also saw Blue thing. China's well. That was small fish, but there were a hard quality. Very good quality. How polka from you. Zeeland and Blue. I also from Adam, best right snapper locals and from seven straight a really large step out bag. It was actually know this. The large snapper would have been local. There's a seven strings snapper season is closed and there the New Zealand we saw a lot of plates size snapper. King George Warning Level Large, great quality Gofish from Flinders Arlon large, beautiful gofish. If you like. You got fish. This is the time that you like, catch playing on them. Fresh planned A came to market yellow child kingfish small fish around the killer mark, If if you want to try some of that the oysters I've got to say with this consistent cooler weather that we're experienced, experiencing. With the Santa straining Ortez money and they're very good, and we talked about last week. I think we mentioned from ST Helens the oysters in one particular part when you said they look to be funny, yes. Remember how we had that heavy rain fooling? Use half wiles that affected the Sydney road courses and that Chinese did color and but look appetizing, but by Thais Normal that they doesn't alter the color they five of the oyster. Just the show color from being white is taken on the same color as the meeting. It's almost gone like a brownie green color, which doesn't look appealing and get a discount for that nice if we could do that, Yeah. I don't think the farmers would be impressed, but That's the main the main thing that made the change all that heavy rain didn't agree with oysters in that region of New South Wales. Well, that sounds like a very, very, very full report. The Freddy is a good price. There are lots of them on market. Lots of, say, food. Should you wish to church spoil someone with the pleasure? And the oysters looks funny everywhere. The Sydney Rock wasn't oysters. Okay, good to talk menu, or, you know, someone sent a little text message saying The sausages. Just turn off the Uh, it says, Let me come across on eight. Burnt toast and sausage is cut off the really burned bits. So there you go there with us. Damn good. Georgia scholar was coming up very shortly. She'll talk to you next. Virginia tree, Ali. Do we describe that there is a high level of aggression from the parent body towards schools they can be, and that's when it's fantastic to have a principal office with two doors. No joke. It really is important thing on. What?.

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