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Twenty fourth street in Osborne where the victim scared him off with a gun right after that the suspect then went through the front door of a house and attempted to sexually assault a woman who fought him off the man fled the house the suspect fled and was taken into custody by police while trying to climb the roof of a third house beliefs have not released the man's identity hi Chandler band faces second degree murder charges in the shooting death of his wife police say Mustafa Hussein accidentally shot her in the chest early yesterday morning while he was on voting is hand god you can read more it KTAR dot com with the new federal grand worth one hundred million dollars the south Phoenix light rail extension still may cost more than expected the president of the Arizona free enterprise club Scott Musi tells Arizona's morning news the original projected cost was five hundred thirty million dollars now the price tag for the rail line has nearly tripled and projected to cost at least one point three five billion at two hundred forty five million dollars per mile now it is one of the most expensive real projects in the country and construction hasn't even started yet now part of that estimated one point three five billion dollar price tag for the expansion now includes expansion from downtown Phoenix to the state capitol valley metro CEO Scott Smith says that dollar amount includes a forty percent contingency a lot of money we don't ever expect to spend but it is required by the federal government for cost estimating purposes Smith also blames rising good construction costs since the original twenty fifteen asked but when voters approved five hundred fifty million dollars former Arizona senator Jeff flake is speaking out against president trump's recent comments telling for current Congress members of color to go back to the places from which they came flake treated short time go calling on Republicans to respond to the comments he says this is one of the times with the president's comments are quote so vile and offensive that it is on com but on Republicans to respond and condemn and quote president trump double down on those other that Twitter attack today on the for Congress woman of color when he wrote they should go back to the countries they came from the Congress women are all citizens three of the four are born in the US the president responded to a question that many people saw the tweeters racist doesn't concern me because many people agree with me and all I'm saying they want to leave they can leave in one comment trump targeted Minnesota congresswoman ill hand Omar in one case you have somebody that comes from so my yeah which is a failed government a failed state who left Somalia who ultimately came here and now is a Congress woman who's never happy says horrible things about Israel hates Israel hates Jews trump made the comments at today's made in America products showcase at the White House well if you live in Scottsdale a new fine could cause.

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