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Happened to report it without fear or favor in context and perspective? And to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We were endless hours to make sure that we deliver it to you is fact, it's a fact Shepard Smith on Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion. Washington is working on a plan to stop suicide by veterans, preventing suicides. Among US veterans is now a top priority of the Trump administration, the White House, creating a new cabinet level force, President Trump signing an executive order Tuesday afternoon to every veteran, I want you to know that you have an entire nation of more than three hundred million people behind you. The task force will be run by veterans affairs Secretary, Robert Wilkie and include the secretary of defense, health and human services and homeland security. This follows last year's order, providing more counseling and mental health care for recently separated servicemembers, an estimated twenty veterans commit suicide each day seventy percent of which had no contact with a federal veteran system. Kevin battled. Fox news. Hawaii says if you're qualified to receive medical marijuana in another state you can now register to get it there. The state announced Tuesday is allowing visitors visitors to register and bypass from dispensaries in the state. Well, it appears the US and China. Be nearing a trade deal. White House chief economic adviser. Larry cudlow tells Fox News the US is working on a layered enforcement process for the deal. China doesn't live up to its agreement. We have the right now to keep tariffs, but to raise tariffs, and they will not retaliate. Now. That's breakthrough stuff. We'll see if president Xi and the polit bureau agrees to that. But right now, we are optimistic and this is probably closer than we've ever been before. Cutler speaking on FOX special report with Bret Baier, President Trump and Chinese president. She expected to meet later this month, you stocks inching lower as investors wait on confirmation about those U S, China trade talks stocks closed the day with modest losses a day after the major indexes posted their worst drop nearly a month. And that was as investors are concerned about the global growth and Dow fell thirteen points yesterday, the Dow stacks little one Carmen Roberts says this Fox News. Vicky. How you doing? How's the knee? It's coming along doctor, but still some soreness, let's see this soon after surgery some pain is pretty normal. I was hoping to get more painkillers. The first round worked. Great. We're being very careful with those now prescription painkillers are opioids same as heroin. It's easy to start taking them not so easy to stop last year in America. An average of forty people died from opioid abuse every day long term addiction has become America's newest health epidemic. So no pills. Vicky you're doing great..

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