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Gerald Ellis was heading home along I ninety four in Libertyville early Saturday morning when a wrong way driver hit his squad car head on the thirty six year old died in the hospital trooper ls was an eleven year veteran of ISP he leaves behind a wife and two kids. Saturday's collision came less than forty eight hours after another deadly crash involving a trooper Thursday trooper Brooke Jones story was performing a traffic stop on route twenty and freeport when a semi truck struck her while she was outside or cruiser her life and twelve years serving as a state trooper. Tragically cut short trooper Christopher Lambert died for he was hit by a car while investigating a road cry a roadside crash on to ninety four in January WBZ news time ten eight traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Kenosha Subaru. And here's Brian Travis. And right now, the Edens remains clear nineteen minutes in both directions between the junction and lake cook road spy ramp is clear as well. At the moment. No problems to report along the Kennedy a twenty minute trip either way between O'Hare in downtown. The O'Hare extension is clear. Inbound side of the Eisenhower heavy going coming into downtown from just past Damon into the burn interchange. Thirty two minutes in from three ninety nineteen from Mannheim. The outbound side remains clear on the Stevenson clear going in both directions. Earlier delays on the inbound side between the Dan Ryan and lakeshore drive. They have dissipated half hour either way between three fifty five lecturer draft twenty minutes of both directions from the tri-state. Inbound side of the Ryan heavy going from cirmac into the burn interchange. Nineteen minutes in from ninety fifth fifteen up on I fifty seven Bishop. Ford looking good for now as well. As lecturer drive at the moment. No problems to report along the tollways or in northwest, Indiana and a heads up if you take the seats as red line in the Wrigley Valeria, the Addison Redline stop will be closed for track improvement until four A M Monday. You may want to use the Sheridan ORR Belmont stops as alternates and a shuttle bus is running between the Addison and Belmont stops got traffic and weather together. On the eighth every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty and one.

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