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What's good everybody? Welcome to another episode of the what's games podcasts. Your source for video game, news commentary analysis and funny stuff. I mean, I almost. All my. Explain now, you have to tell the story. Okay. Well, first off, please. Welcome miss Britney. Bacher? Thanks. No. But he's what for for people who are listening to can't see pretty freaking out. What happened was we started recording the show, and we made a bunch of floods. And when I say, we I mean, mostly just me made a bunch of just like flubs, and we laughed off our legless just keep going. I was like, well, we should really probably restart the recording, and then blessedly technical glitch happened and we had to restart the recording. Anyway, and thankfully that glitch happened in the very beginning of the show. But it's one of the first things they teach you at hosting school is to say your name, right? Get your name. Right. It's your name the old screw it up. So you're all egos. Andrea Andrea any annoy is when Andrea Rene flips. That's what we've come to the conclusion of this. Oh my gosh. But welcome to the show everybody. If it's your first time here, we hope that you enjoy the next couple of hours of video game talk is of course, thanksgiving week here in the United States. And we anticipate you listening to this.

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