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So you can't really give an inch for. But I'm going to ask it anyway. What a team consisting of Alabama's backups led by a healthy. Jalen hurts could they win the Pac twelve? This year. I would say about this now. If if they had a play Washington Honda road and played in the same division. It might might be tough. But I would say the possibility exists. Yes, Alabama's second and third string compete a lot of things in the country. And it really is a down year for the Pac twelve question. Peter. All right. So we've got him with Oklahoma covering the number BC covering the twenty as an underdog USC covering the number against Cal Georgia covering that number Ohio State as well as the favourite, and he's got Alabama's backups winning the Pac twelve thank you, Phil. We appreciate it potentially winning the Pac twelve very good. Thank you, sir. Have a great weekend. Hey, a lot of fun as always guys have a great weekend. Joy the games marry to me nerds up. I'm Brad Edwards along with Seth Walder. And this is when we usually take you through the highest playoff impact games plural of the weekend. But look it's a light slate. There aren't that many contending? Teams still remaining. So let's just keep it with the highest impact game singular. Seth what do you have a team? That's been struggling Hieaux state on the road at Michigan state. I think it's easy to imagine. The buckeyes stumbling here and the obviously can't afford to one more loss, and they're out of this thing. Yeah. Two losses is almost always going to get you. I think with the playoff, especially when one of the two is by a lot cited margin, which Ohio state's loss to Purdue was of they can tell you that from experience having been a two loss team with one lopsided loss last year. Let's look at a game that I was kinda surprised is not among the top three four highest playoff impact this week. It's not too far outside the top three. And I guess the reasons not in there because it's not expected to be close by F B I, nor by Vegas for that matter, and that's Clemson at BC. But I think we do need to at least consider this which is that two years in a row, Clemson as approximately three touch. Down favourite, which is what they are. This weekend has lost a conference game last year. It was to Syracuse the year before that it was to pit. And if Clemson were to lose to BC BC actually takes control of the Atlantic Division in when control it's fate the rest of the way by winning out. So there is that possibility they Clemson could finish with one loss and not be the ACC champion not even get into that championship game. So here's a scenario for you. Seth we have not. I haven't heard this one yet have all the hypotheticals had been thrown out there since the rankings. What would happen? If Clemson is an eleven one team that is not the ACC champion, how likely are they according to playoff predictors. You still get into the playoff? We would give them a fifty seven percent chance to make the playoff in that scenario. The reason why it's that high is that if Clemson were to lose there's there's no ACC champion that's like taking their spot effectively. So yeah, they would be a rough spot because. Would need. Yeah. Let's assume Alabama gets in. Let's assume a big ten team gets in. And Notre Dame gets in then Clemson needs probably a two loss big twelve champ. And probably ideally for them a two loss Washington state team too. But that's not asking that much. And it's also not that they absolutely need that there's still a chance Clemson could beat out a one loss. Big twelve. I'm not sure how frequently in the simulations that happens, but it's not outside the realm of possibility..

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