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Actually she was she was still so i. As long story shortened it for actually started eliminating dairy eggs and not from my diet while she was going through all of that and then even then she was reacting so we had to go to this woman. That was this. Because she was Chook Fed and the Dietitian said the fastest way to get H- Abacha was to go switch to the formula so I had to basically give up breastfeeding. So was the problem. The fact that you had a leaky gut and the cow's milk protein was getting through to your daughter or was it that your daughter has a dairy allergy and she happened to be exposed earlier than people thought she would be exposed in other words would every child who has a mother with a leaky gut. Get this problem or was it just happened to be. Your daughter is susceptible. Yeah so it's both so it has to be that she's also allergic and had leaky got it was kind of like the perfect storm So so there could be a dairy allergy in a newborn which is common and beginning the dairy through the breast milk. Even if the mother doesn't have leaky gut right because it's just it's in her diet. It's in her. Is I have a question and it just A. I'm so disturbed by in confused by. I was with my sister this past weekend hiking in Colorado. We were talking about this very subject. She can't really get away from me talking about the subject. She's probably really tired of it. And we were talking about what happened to your daughter and she lives in the in. Kentucky in the southeast so not nearly as much access as I feel like we have out here in in the West on situational problems with consuming animal products. So cute she said. Oh dot she goes. I know at least fifteen friends if not more who whose child was allergic to their breast milk and they went to see their physician and the physician pediatrician told them to stop breastfeeding their child. Not Look into what. The mother is eating or ingesting drinking. That is in their breast milk. And so yup which is just blows me away because that milk that that mother of every species right makes for their own young is a specific formulation for that baby to thrive and so these these pediatricians do they just not know that there could be something that the baby is allergic to. Whether it's a cows milk allergy or nut or what what I just I I I literally was tripping down the mountain hearing this almost in tears because what a horrible thing for the mother to sit to know. I now have to stop breastfeeding. And maybe even to you us. An excellent question and I was absolutely heartbroken. I was told to stop breastfeeding but I think given the severity of her situation day suggested it as a quicker route for her to recover.

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