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Baseball, Astros, Tom Hanks discussed on The Dan Patrick Show M


Right you know even tom hanks said leader there's no crying in baseball so you just take your time putting him out to go sit in the corner and come back when you you know have some hair on your face so the love and your calls radio station and we'll talk to you next week right now get hair on your face just berlin does a great pitcher he's clutch he was awesome last year astros probably a win the world series without him great pitcher he's mostly been good for the game nothing bad to say about him on the mound guys been absolute stud come on man you can't be ripping a young player for trying to make an aggressive play it's just stupid it's stupid and it's counterproductive there are more good young players in baseball right now then we have ever seen in the history of the sport and they're more and more playing with energy and enthusiasm and listen on some of these avenues it took me a while to come around i wasn't always a fan of the fist pumping and the dancing in the celebrating i didn't always like it at first and i understand it takes some time to come around i fully come around on it but this is this is crazy the winding from players about you know you can't bunt who who decides at what what score are you allowed to to steal or bunt and what score you not the whole thing is frequent saturday wanna know why i'm the only person on cbs sports radio.

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Baseball, Astros, Tom Hanks discussed on The Dan Patrick Show M

The Dan Patrick Show M 2 years ago

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