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Then some other greats in near release fin ballor is going to be there as well. That's right. Fin Ballard will be there as well. So what else has she what else happened outside the ring. So apparently. Charlie Caruso impersonator. Ended up working at ESPN. She appeared on sportscenter today, and I've got to say the resemblance is on Kenny. This Charlie Arnaud. Well, very strange and the same name. Same while you gotta you gotta thought out there because you don't. You introduce yourself wanna be able to say Charlie, so you got to get in that mode. But yeah, the resemblance as uncanny. So I did see that announcement from Charlie that she's doing things ESPN. I didn't even consider that. She would go back to using her government name there. Yeah. Now that like I don't want to say where the people out, because obviously, you know. WWE does make some tweaks to people's names for whatever reason. But yes, she's out there using government on ESPN and apparently she is going to still be doing w obviously. So just a an added role more as more so than how transition into something else completely. She did. She already did something hardy air with Ron. Is that really true? This is true. Yes. She's on sportscenter. Today, forget what our and might have been the the noon earliest early edition, but. Yes, she. What would you do on sports that she gave like update for something or other. Wow, mature what congrats Charlie didn't even know that I saw it announced today. I didn't know she was already doing it. Oh yeah, it's it's already th already happening. While good for her. Yeah, I didn't even know. She didn't even tell me no idea. Just thought, you know, people as the no one tells me anything do. I'm off, you're on an island, you know, fishing. What else happened in that? She g and gave a rare interview over the weekend. Quick is kinda wild because a undertaker does not do interviews be he doesn't do anything out of character really. And he sat down with. Adian the pastor of fellowship church. And he gave like a good. I wanna say it was like a forty minute interview. Just talking about, you know, wrestling obviously in his character and he gave some imparted some knowledge to younger wrestlers about, you know, character work being more important than than, you know, flippy stuff and and fancy moves, and just like stretching out that career, but it just it's wild man. That's a good get past the Eddie on. I'll say, I didn't even know pastor. Ed young was out there chasing gets I, but apparently he gets a big interview. Undertaker I wanna sit down and watch the whole thing. I heard that undertaker told an interesting story about Andre, the giant to. Yeah, didn't get to that part of the part of the enemy, but I'm definitely like I'm like, you. I want to sit down and watch the whole thing because we don't get this from the undertaker. I know you really don't. What else has she. On a personal notes here. Here we go. The moment as she gets person won't semi somewhat to find some appropriate music for you on. It's it's not way this is. Oh. Hold on. It's coming..

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