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I guess they were loading crate that had this. Giant statue idol or whatever you know to loaded on a boat and some guy just like yelling at each other and a guy like spills coffee on the controls and it drops the crate down on top of a guy just. A bad place be. I. Love Those Things I. I wish we could just do like a super cut of like every like construction site accident caused by some type of you know paranormal whatnot or cup of coffee. Cup of coffee. I just watched another one in Well, that wasn't paranormal but the show the master with Lebron. Clear. They're doing the same thing. Here's the like A. Guy. That's too old to be doing this kind of Cleveland Cleef. He's in his sixties and he's like you know come on, bring it back bring it back, bring it back and he was like Whoa. WHOA. And then the guy just forget what he's doing and just like drop save he like the you know cargo thing on his legs. That Shit. Well, actually the master gets out of the van and does zero. Rosa and do like me augie karate shot into the crater no. Okay. Because that's leaving Khalif and you can only like you know it's going to switch to his stunt double pretty quickly. But yeah. He throws a big Chinese star in a dislike severs the robe. He only got his hips crushed. He have been killed me. What are we talking about? Yeah, exactly. M Walsh He. I, and for a brief second is like, are we doing this over wish master because I? Probably ought to watch it again. And I came back and I was like, Oh, no, we're doing class of well, maybe we should just say who we are I maybe All right. Well, welcome to the moratorium. I'm your host Tim Gorman. and which Jason Walker with a CO host. Yeah. Did you say that this week and now this week, my co host has and this week next week. have been been plotting and seeing other podcast. I'm cheating on you look we have an open relationship you can. You can see other podcasters. All right and we are watching class of nineteen, ninety nine which was released in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. Right. But so in that nine years, Shit really fan really hits the fan. I was going to point out. I read that it actually was supposed to come out in October of eighty nine and they pushed it back to May of ninety..

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