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Troops, commanded by Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas. And they came with big news. The civil war was over all remaining slaves and Texas were free. We've been on people shows ranking show. But the stain of slavery did not end there and so forth century after the civil war black people were subjected to a relentless campaign of terror campaign that extended well into the lifetime of majority leader McConnell, that is the voice of journalists Nike coats testifying earlier today in Washington, at a house hearing on so-called HR, forty remember that number, this is a Bill that would establish a commission to study slavery reparations. Let's get more on this from CBS Bill Rakoff on the hill Democrats, like Representative Sheila jackson-lee of Texas, say the issue should be an easy, one, reparations, and the idea of this commission should be welcomed by all Americans Republican, Mike Johnson of Louisiana doesn't support HR forty reason for that. Listen, wait a minute. The reason for that is a legal question. The federal government, can't cost usually provide compensation today to a specific racial group, because other members of that group, maybe several generations ago, were discriminated against and treated humanely. Bill, Rakoff, CBS news, Washington hope Hicks. The president's former White House communications director emerges with a smile from behind closed doors on Capitol Hill. She was testifying before members of the House Judiciary committee today. But how much testimony is really question here? Because House Democrats say that Hicks was extremely tight lipped today and would not answer questions as basic as where she sat in the west wing or whether she told the truth to special counsel, Robert Muller. The president on Twitter says the hearings are rigged called an extreme presidential harassment. By the way, the White House ordered Hicks, not to answer questions about our time at the White House to eight always. At the ready to answer questions. Generously is Bloomberg's Tracy jonky. She joins us now. What's going on in your world today trace my world? The Federal Reserve reserve, just wrapped up its a meeting in Washington and did not do anything with inter interest rates that was expected. But a majority of policymakers expect to see lower rates this year. Wall Street wanted to see a sign that the fed is willing to cut rates. It got one the Dow is up thirty points. The NASDAQ is up twenty the SNP up five points doesn't look like much. Trust me. That is an improvement. General Motors wants to hire. More temporary workers would be paid less and get different health benefits. Bloomberg reports those are among the proposals as the car maker and its unions begin, what could be months of talks on new four year, labor contract. I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio right Tracy. Coming up next. We're going to check sports. Also, the herring runs it's tradition around here. But the fish knock is dwindling will they become extinct will answer the question coming up..

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