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26 pass now, this is America in the morning, the death toll from that massive earthquake near turkey's border with Syria has now topped 15,000. However, there have been stories of hope correspondent Charles De Ledesma learned that rescuers freed a woman from underneath the rubble of a collapsed building First, clear and search operations with heavy machinery, then sniff a dog and hand tools. The trapped woman is pulled from the pulverized concrete rubble. And transported, not a stretcher to a nearby ambulance. Georgia's interior ministry says the young woman who was conscious during the search operation was transported to hospital. Rescue units are working around the clock, pulling more bodies from the rubble of thousands of buildings down in turkey and Syria, where the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck. I'm Charles De Ledesma. The top enlisted leader at the U.S. Air Force says she and her husband are safe after an intruder breached joint base Andrews home to Air Force One correspondent Donna warder reports it's not the first security breach there recently. The base outside Washington says an intruder breached the base and reached the home of the air force's chief master sergeant, the air base says her husband opened fire on the intruder and security forces arrived to apprehend the person. Chief master sergeant Joanne bass confirms in a statement that an intruder had reached her home, but that she and her husband are okay. Joint base Andrews is the home to the fleet of blue and white presidential aircraft, including Air Force One in February 2021, a man got through the military checkpoint onto the installation than through additional fenced secure areas to gain access to the flight line and he climbed into a C 40 aircraft. Donna water Washington

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