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Got a doozy remember the guru from the documentary on Netflix. Wild wild country tree where we have One of his son Johansson's who stayed at one of his temples not the one in Oregon but the one in India for eight years years Yeah there you have it so Once again we decided to put the entire episode on Youtube instead of just interview so we mentioned anything like weird confusing stuff about youtube. Don't be alarmed. You know we're still working at the Kingston the sound and everything like that So yeah thanks for hanging in there with us and we're just GONNA keep getting and better and better for you so enjoyed the episode. Hold on a second. There's a difference in the mentality of country people and city. Okay hold on hold. On Christian women came into his room and they were freaking out about all the witchcraft stuff. I used Swami leg magic. We don't know what you're talking talking about. Hey my anniversary is coming up. I WanNa make it really special words. How can a man save some money on Viagra? What would happen to you you? If you lived at a temple for eight years how would you change. And how would those change around you find out today on the bravely mistaken podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to the show. This is Jordan. O'Leary come that she again. We've got shots we've got lady on WHO Who's lived at a temple? An Osho temple actually Osho Temple Temple the the charismatic gentlemen from the film Documentary Wild Wild country. Eight part documentary series on Netflix. Netflix and Yes she lived at a temple in the main. The main temple not the one in Oregon the one in In India for eight years this woman eight years astounding standing again. I'm Jordan Leery. I am joined by another Angel Orlando fresh from a Halloween party last night angel. Welcome welcome welcome girl morning my friend. Thank you you good to be here. I don't know what's going on. Your your sound is actually kind of fucked up check-check onto can you give me check church a church now. You're doing good okay fuck it. Let's just go angel. How you doing buddy good man recovering from last night? But I'm hanging in there. Yeah Yeah Okay all right so you actually made it down there you actually. You're debating whether to go because you live how far how far was the actual. Oh he's in L. A.. How far was actual Uber? Or so.

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