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Of six all is on the number five essential quality. He's your one to two favorite. The winner of the belmont stakes presented by nyerere bets returns for a prep for the run. Happy drivers well. It may be preferable travers. But he's certainly better than the other horses in this race. He's never run a bad race in his seven race career. Six wins and a defeat in the kentucky. Derby worried didn't have the cleanest of trips and was only beaten a length that day simply put. He's just better than these horses. I think the the only way you can make money with him is to either hammer. And exact are two or play him in horizontal wagers which i think everyone is going to be singling him so i picked him on top. It's nothing creative. I think the logical ones underneath are either number two masked parade or number four. Keep me in mind. Keep me in mind. Has that experience against central quality. Many many times in fact he's run behind him three times already in his career and a couple of those races. You really wasn't that far behind him. Masquerade is the up and comer. That is getting good at the right time. I don't think he's as good as essential quality yet but that doesn't mean he can't get to be that good. Yeah i just think of central quality is you know. He's just better and faster than these sources. I thought keep me in mind has been waking up and his running style and it certainly seems like maturity is going to help his cause. It's a rider changed. Joel rosario in here as well. I know he's a horse is void of speed. He comes from from well out the back. Wonder if joel can try and keep them all close i. I don't know if he can. I'm speculating i'm hoping he can. I can tell you that But truth be told essential quality. You know the two year old champ. If he continues on the trajectory he's gotten faster and his last two the derby and the belmont stakes. He's gonna be a tough one. Tough hombre tomorrow. I don't think you can get past them. I'll take him over. Keep me in mind. And wavering way runs a very interesting horse. It's rata changed junior. He's gonna be forwardly. Placed jimmy jerks on the source in the belmont. He thought distance was going to be his friend. This is just his second start at a mile and an eighth. He was involved in the pace in the world. It wasn't fast with it was contested. He only three lancs. He may have been best the pegasus last time behind manned mandolin. He's been training really really well for this. I think it's i'm gonna play five four five three. I'm gonna try and get mask parade of the number essential quality going to be tough race. Number nine goes as the grade to jim dan. The other re to the bowling green at a mile and three eighths on the turf. Now we got tiring here thursday One point seven inches of rain. Thursday night alone. Another three tenths of an inch friday morning. So it's going to be wet there's turf horse wet no question about it. They will run this bowling on this earth though Field of a field of eight defending eclipse champ channel maker in here for hall of famer. Bill maher manny franco. He won the sword dancer over our soft soft course here at saratoga last year before digging the joe hirsch turf classic at belmont park. He hasn't run well his to starts in dubai and while the saudi arabia race was terrible. Many franco's void for his wins last year at saratoga climbs back aboard. He's your five three morning line favorite and he hasn't run since that race in late march and That that's the biggest question whether or not he's gonna fire. His best shot certainly figures to get the lead in this spot. There's really not any other speed in this race. So channel makers should be able to get the lead it's whether or not He can win against this quality field off this kind of a layoff We know that the wet track won't hurt them If you look back to last year in the turf classic when he went to wire he was five to two that day. Coming off a big win in the sword dancer the favourite that day was rock emperor and he ended up beating rock emperor by five and a half six lengths and rock. Emperor just didn't run one of his good races that day but at least at that point there were people out there who thought rock emperor was better than channel maker. I dunno of rock. Emperor is better than channel maker but rock emperor has recency. He's coming off a nice effort a confidence builder against softer competition. Last time out I think he sits fairly close to channel maker and if channel maker isn't his best. I think joel rosario and rock emperor will pounce and maybe turned the tables a much better price six to one morning line so going to try for a minor upset with rock emperor rock emperor while he's going to go to a horse who had a lot of trouble finding a women's circle finally the last time in his first first time in ten starts in the us at the money. I guess he can win over. Miami's horse i've kind of been chasing a little bit. I'm wondering if the mile and three eighths is going to help him like he did. Last time. i thought he might have been best last time. Hung a little bit. Didn't have the cleanest inside trip channel maker could obviously win this race over the two for gaumont cross-border who got put up via the q. Is in here. I guess he could win. There's a lot of horses that could win this race You can make it. I mean rackham break. Point was first time this country last time. He got caught behind the runaway. Horse in megacity I landed on over miami. I thought it'd be enough patient. Yeah i thought he was always. It was kinda coming into his own. I thought it'd be a swear enough price. So i landed on moon over miami. Hoping he makes a big run and run them down in race number ten the gray two hundred fifty thousand dollar bowling green.

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