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Mobile business news twenty four hours a day half bloomberg dot com the radioplus mobile app and on your radio this is a bloomberg business flash bloomberg world headquarters i'm charlie pellett the dow the sp nasdaq all pulling back on this friday stocks ending a turbulent week with a deep selloff leaving stocks lower for the five days as the white house late his trade luster rattles global financial markets s and p five hundred index at the close down fifty eight of dropped their of two point two percent the dow down five hundred seventy two points a drop of two point three percent nasdaq down one hundred and sixty one a drop their of two point three percent tenure of sixteen thirty seconds yield two point seven seven percent gold up five tenths of one percent thirteen thirty three ounce west texas intermediate crude moving below sixty two dollars a barrel sixty one ninetysix right now on wti dropped air of two and a half percent so again recapping the numbers after a turbulent week snp down fifty eight down two point two percent the dow down two point three percent nasdaq down two point three percent as well i'm charlie pelletan that is a bloomberg business flash this is your bloomberg real estate report brought to you by national mortgage lender quicken loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently we all know all cash offers are king when it comes to winning a bidding war on a property but even those who need a mortgage can put themselves in a winning position one thing you want to do as a fire is to make sure that you're fully underwritten by the bank neela richardson is chief economist at red fin but a lot of buyers do they make a mistake and they just settle for pre approval but they haven't done the actual underwriting stage that's what takes time and that time can actually make you lose a deal so you wanna make sure you're fully underwritten so the all that's left for the thing to do is to write the final sales price amount gives ehlers the assurance that this deal is ready in richardson says waving the financing contingency is another way to convince a seller to accept your offer and that's your bloomberg real estate report i'm denise pellegrini this is bloomberg markets with carol massar on bloomberg radio.

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