Bob Mcclay, Mark Carlson, President Trump discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


The weather starts now i'm bob mcclay it's twelve noon here's our top story onesided deal that should have never ever been made president trump announcing a short time ago he's withdrawing the us out of the iran nuclear deal ktar is mark carlson is live in the news center with the details bob the president had choice words for the deal negotiated by his predecessor president trump said the us and its allies as determined around must never have nuclear capabilities we are unified in our understanding of the threat and in our conviction that iran must never acquire a nuclear weapon trump called the iranian nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration horrible onesided deal that should have never been made and has never brought calm or peace he says the iranians misled the world about their intentions at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program today we have definitive proof that this iranian promise was ally the president also announced today that more economic sanctions are being placed on iran reporting live mark carlson ktar news and just moments ago the associated press announcing iran's president reacting to the news that the us will withdraw from the iran deal president hassan ruhani says he's ordered his foreign minister to negotiate with other countries in the nuclear deal he added if negotiations fail the islamic republic will enrich uranium more than before we'll have more on the aranda nuclear deal to the president's decision coming up in just a moment but first at at twelve oh what with traffic every six minutes here's larry lewis live from the valley.

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