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I don't know why maybe I should have. Maybe it's my didn't ask you. I'm surprised they didn't ask you okay. I was expecting would ask you to have to go ahead and wear one because I did. I did look at him like take it off. Should I wear it? And he's like you can take it off. It's fine interesting now. What about other people who are getting their haircut because you mentioned? Let's say it's eight chairs four of which were filled? Did you look around where there are other people who were wearing masks? As they were getting their haircut there was one other person wearing a mask. Everyone else was not getting their haircuts. And that was it and then people that it was in the line was like around the corner as they they had a bunch of. I guess they had walk ins this place but I made an appointment for it so so you got the straw man. That has good. Doesn't it get stroll right to the front of the line and go good? I'm Jim Russell made an appointment. Jim Give me a haircut. Please thank you sorry rusty you losers who just showed up here without a plan you guys gotta wait. I made an appointment. I don't know what your guy's problem is but I'm here to get my haircut even a mess. Now that's interesting because I don't listen to some of these masks go around the ear. Some of these mass go around the back of your head. Some of these masks. Some of the ones that I've been wearing their those that you put around your neck and you pull up the front piece there so I don't know how you would wear a mask and get your haircut based on the construction of some of the masks. Obviously I thank. You can wear a mask and put it around your ears and you can work around that for the most part and beard trimmings by the way. They're not back yet. We'll have to find out if jd wicker's wife knows a good place to go and get a beard trim since she knows and has the the inside scoop on the nail salons..

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