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With the Cajun cannon Bobby a bear with talking about the lines on the saints games thus far Debbie Debbie L. Bruner gumbo opinion poll do you want sports gambling in Louisiana you give us a call five a four to six so one eight seventy or Texas a five a four to six so one eight seventy seems to be inevitable every single time it comes to the legislature in Louisiana Bobby seems to get less and less opposition I think it's just a matter of time now it's certainly everybody said if you don't do it now you're just going to sit there and watch Mississippi make all the money as all Louisiana travels across the border to to go and do their bedding and certainly in a situation like corona virus with the massive amounts of revenue that have been depleted from the state in terms of their gambling in the ability to go and do that over the last couple of months you this seems like a pretty opportune time for another revenue stream for the state yeah without a doubt it's all about the lobbyists to and then how much stroke and how much you have in the legislature your legislators I'm looking at a light the video poker poker lobby lobby sent out with the video poker they're very strong and this takes away from their revenue so I mean it is just listen there is going to get done it's not gonna make an unbelievable difference were bought out why did we wait so long but it's gonna be something positive anything positive where all of a sudden you can help out the taxpayer Louisiana goes a long way I thank you for lines and then I brought this up at the break which used to show his significance of the St when they put play a Los Vegas on Monday night September twenty first it marked sixty years since the first Monday night game there could be some of the cast on ABC and ESPN so here's fifty years of Monday Night Football I know we all know that you know we'll be celebrating fifty years the saints football so fifty years Monday Night Football and then I felt things that much of the same damn against the raiders and before going to the line does that come look at the Packers and if you look at don't you remember this game you probably you probably played in this the last time the clubs met in New Orleans it was primetime Sunday night football October twenty sixth two thousand fourteen that was asked with that we'd be the Packers forty four to twenty three worries is almost perfect twenty seven of thirty two eighty four and a half percent three hundred eleven yards three touchdowns a quarterback rating of one hundred thirty eight and a half well I can see what we watched the Packers forty four twenty two you remember that game it was sure I do two thousand and twenty six that was dominated the Packers got humbled there yeah that I remember they were pretty banged up at that point to defensively not so much offense we Mike Daniels was injured in that game I think clay Matthews plane but he was not right but you know listen any given you you put you put your breeze on prime time and if you go back and look at history's probably gonna have a big game right just kind of how it's always been on those nights in and yes certainly listen I I was just you know five and a half points being favored you know I thought was was a fairly substantial number again that's going to change most likely before that game pops up let's go to the phone lines we've got James in Mary Jane's welcomes for stock it does take a local man listen I'm I'm mobile where we'll see you then and I'm I'm open but he's right but I'll keep looking until players others want to know what I'm going to look at the last time we played them back in two thousand that meaning the pitches when they had grown to twenty seventeen and will grow only he was he was gonna blackberry doubles as a bonus for this year was not yes he did burn Alex Anzalone on that the ball I'm down the silence it was right in front of us and never forget this is probably I want to say thirty forty yard throw in that would dismantle managing as a lonely fell down or something Gronk when it can be installed but but hopefully Avalonia media more experience now I think I was alone again hang over here in California right now if he's healthy he has gotta be healthy and how we gonna stop Gronk I mean all I mean when I when I look at this language Jerry cook I mean how you finish the season what do you know of the plan you could go look a group policy of all you have to look at whether right now it has a reporter with dot com raised I'm not gonna take that away no they have one acres last year Tom Tom Brady's gonna have weapons also just think that things are better team so there also and dissolution areas already a station one at some stages so the little one a lot some thirty two personnel that will be three tight ends and they'll probably L. I think you could live around they'll probably have the best retirement package in league you know you got to get back to tell you this game another advocated three tight end you better be able to stop the run and they going three targeted you got a billion there you got a beast out in the trenches low man wins and all that because.

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