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As businesses there accompanying strategies prior to csl bearing marquises senior vice president and chief information officer a gilead sciences. In this interview we discuss. Why mark decided to kick off his time cd. I oh the digital literacy campaign. The operating model is creating around digital data. It innovation in why digital delivery is more important than digital transformation. We discuss marks experience being on board. Virtually the six strategic pillars that will anchor his strategy going forward and how he thinks about data automation. Lastly discuss marks path to a corporate board his advice to others. Who wished you do the same. His take on social justice especially during these times of the pandemic and a variety of other topics mark hill. Welcome to technician. It's great to speak with you today. Going to be as well thank you. That's a it's a pleasure. Well mark a year. The chief digital information officer of csl behring. You've been there for less than a quarter now But maybe you can take a quick moment for those who are listening to this. Who may be less familiar with the company and give us a brief overview of csl. Behring's business would you do that. Please oh yes see. You're marrying the enterprise. We are a company that will hundred and five years old on based in australia with a laser focus on life sustaining treatments for many elements in the foundation of what we was plasma notice. I didn't say blood plasma said we actually take the plasma. That's you get all of us. And we actually use that. Plasma fractionation process protein that are in plasma to create life sustaining drugs for humans around the world where the largest aggregate data a plasma on the planet in addition to the plasma side of the house were also a player and maxine so we district about a third of the world's influenza vaccines for those who who may encounter the flu and we will be playing a role in the in the in the coronavirus vaccines era depending on which vaccines on proved that we have locations clearly around the world once again hit in australia very interesting and wanted to also ask you about your role you have. You been a chief information officer in the past year. Now as i mentioned titled as chief digital information officer. Talk about that. Role in your purview. Please yes and so number one. A key component of being a cdi. Oh is to ensure that you really have that they six of what we call information technology. So i think in order for us to do digital whale the foundation you know. It has to be there and those. Are the building blocks now the video. The digital component is that means. I also have the her view and the privilege to focus on. I won't use the word digital transformation. I'll use digital delivery and there's a data component to that i believe that digital delivery in the n. enables digital transformation and so for me would see us l. bearing. I'm looking at the end to end value chain whether it's the army side weather's the commercial side whether it's even within information technology to do intelligent automation but also we have a network that we hold manufacturing and we have lots of sites around the world and so one of the rose i play is how do we enable digital transformation even on the shop floor a good example with big cannot ensure that we can proactively help the shop floor to understand when a component is going to fail. It could be a component. That's critical for plasma fractionation or for including the vaccine in bio that will be shipped around the world and so it's such a unique role abeille Of course i know how to be a cio. And i'm learning how to be a cio. Clearly i can say that. The expectations are higher In one of the one of the things would run right now is understanding when we say digital digital transformation. What does it mean. and what i've learned. So far is that there were so many definitions and so i decided that we're i want to start is with the digital literacy campaign. And what do i do that. I'm going to do that so that i can insure that out of the gate. We all on the page with a common vocabulary nomenclature so when we say digital digital transformation digital to liberate. We're all speaking the same language so that i'm not talking over someone or at someone in the same thing with me. And so. I have this role peter of really sitting down and putting in place a strategy that will enable the other strategies that have already been the villa as it relates to the digital components of those strategies. And so i'm so excited about that particular piece in the same town. I've got to deliver the information. Technology strategy for the traditional component of the house and the data strategy for the company as. Well so we're gonna take it data and digital in capsulated capsulated under the umbrella in begin to tell a story and to begin to light up opportunities for the company. But the other piece. I need to add around. This is that there are digital opportunities that i've found that are going on at the company but they are not being amplify at were highlighted. So good example would be on the team of the they are doing. Kpi's for yield improvement within you know plasma area and i said wow. This is actually a pretty cool. Aren't we wanted to tell you balancing. Why aren't we amplifying that up to the highest level so that we can begin to show. These quick wins in. Part of my job is not to control. But the coordinate you'd these activities that are actually in-flight in the company and begin to show these quick wins and i believe the team was really surprised. That nearly technologies saying you don't want to control you. Want to coordinate. That's been a big hit you know support with the constituents that i'm within the company very interesting and it also interesting. This consolidation of the traditional it aspects of the role the digital aspects of the role the data aspects of the role. There the. you're well aware there's some companies were those are divided among multiple executives. Frankly i often feel like When that happens you are building a recipe for Potential politics or at least stepping on each other's of so much that rhymes between the the mandates a different organizations of these kinds. Maybe it'd be interested in your in your perspective on in terms of how you think about the teams underneath each of those. Do you have many people who are hybrids across those are they. Three distinct teams marks is that setup. That's excellent question and you and i. We promptly need to do another. Follow up in ninety days because as we speak as we speak right now actually creating what i will call my upbringing model as well as my work designed for the cooperation. And i can walk you through a high level. You know how. I'm thinking about that so for me and i think this is such an excellent question. You just raised because remain. I'm thinking about it. In the following categories outta there has to be this component that i call digital experiences because that's missing from the organization Today if that makes sense and and and also just really piggyback on your question even more today. i haven't traditional t function that's called digital technologies yet. The focus is not digital if that makes sense to so i'm gonna have now in my new structure Let's say he had a digital experiences..

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